Shop by Color: Iridescent White

White has long been the color of choice for brides planning the details of their special day. While white has certainly been a long lived go-to wedding hue, white is not as one-dimensional as you might think. Iridescent white offers a variety of perspectives like these celestial event decorations! These iridescent details still qualify as a "wedding white", yet produce a far more glamorous result.Iridescent white catches the attention in ways plain white cannot. Integrated with sparkling details, this take on white catches and reflects the light, stealing the spotlight especially when used to signify special attributes of your special day from highlighting your centerpieces or cake table to designating a Hollywood-worthy photo booth for guests to imprint the memorable occasion not only in their memories, but forever in print. Not just for weddings, iridescent white brings an upscale presentation to any festivity including bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, galas, banquets, and many other formal or catered events. This lustrous hue is simply breathtaking and will elevate your venue instantaneously.

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