Spandex 4-Way Stretch Fabric Roll

Conquer your event's DIY projects with our Spandex Stretch 4-Way Fabric Roll. This specialty fabric can open up a world of possibilities for your event DIY projects. Known for its expandable quality, four-way stretch spandex extends up to four times from its original length and quickly reverts back when released with an ideal maintained shape. This 58-inch wide spandex fabric roll can be used to make a variety of draping and craft projects for special events. The effortless movement is given by the great flexibility that allows quick bounce-back that also ensures wrinkle-resistant reliability. Among its other uses, this fabric roll is superb for creating custom backdrops or stretch spandex sails for ceiling draping. Use for photo booth areas, trade show booth setups, makeshift canopies, table coverings, chair backs, pole coverings, and so much more.

Made of 90% polyester and 10% lycra spandex, our 4-way stretch boasts a higher wear-and-tear resistance so it bounces back to its shape faster. It is a wrinkle-free stretch fabric for easy care and ease of use. Not only does this material require no ironing, but it’s also machine washable and dryable, making it an event planner's top choice material for custom event projects. This fabric roll collection measures 10 yards in length and 58" wide to accommodate any draping project. It’s lightweight while providing great coverage and stretches crosswise and lengthwise for maximum ease of movement. Four-way stretch fabric spandex makes a big impression on any event venue. It is a fabric that works well with backlighting, uplighting, spotlights, LED lights, and many other event lightings. It is a perfect material for accentuating with other DIY elements too including wedding arches, curtains, spandex tree silhouettes, entryway scenes, room dividers, and spandex walls.

Hosting a special event that needs to make a big statement? Our spandex fabric rolls wholesale will indulge your every creative endeavor. Use to cover up a particular area of your venue so that the overall style fits in with the theme of your special day or even to hide unsightly walls when used as a backdrop or partition. This trick is especially useful for any areas of disinterest as well as for bringing an upscale custom look to a standard banquet hall. For weddings, parties, corporate events, or trade shows, this fabric roll can be tailored to specifically support the event subject and theme through the addition of logos, messages/quotes, or simply to impart that extra touch of style and class that will exceed the expectations of your guests. Spandex can work all throughout your event decor for a sophisticated presentation through drapery, swagging, and as table coverings. The wide range of applications this fabric provides is exemplary and with our low wholesale pricing, you can go as dramatic as you'd like while staying on budget.
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