Square 90"x90" Lamour Satin Table Overlay

Choose Lamour Satin Table Overlays

At CV Linens, we understand the importance of creating a captivating atmosphere for your special event. Our Lamour satin table overlays and Lamour satin tablecloths are the perfect choice to add elegance and charm to any occasion, especially weddings. With various colors and a reputation for quality, CV Linens has become the go-to source for event planners, brides, and party hosts looking to make a lasting impression with Lamour tablecloths at wholesale prices.

Why Buy from CV Linens?

When you choose CV Linens for Lamour linens, you're choosing quality items, affordable prices, and excellent service. We take pride in offering:

  • Quality: Our Lamour satin table overlays for weddings and other events are made from high-grade fabric that exudes luxury, ensuring your event's tables look exquisite.
  • Affordable Prices: We believe everyone deserves their dream event without breaking the bank. We offer competitive prices without compromising quality.
  • Excellent Service: Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you, from helping you choose the perfect color to ensuring your order arrives on time.

Lamour Satin Table Overlay Colors

Our Lamour tablecloths and satin table overlays are available in a rich palette of colors to match your event's aesthetic:

Discover More Choices

In addition to our Lamour satin table overlays, we offer various other products to enhance your event decor, including:

  • Chair Sashes: Elevate your event with coordinating chair sashes that match our Lamour satin table overlays.
  • Polyester Tablecloths: An affordable, versatile choice for covering tables of all sizes.
  • Velvet Tablecloths: Add a touch of opulence and texture to your event with our premium velvet tablecloths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Lamour satin table overlays easy to clean after an event? 

Yes, our Lamour satin table overlays are easy to clean; simply machine wash and tumble dry on low heat for best results.

Do your Lamour satin table overlays require ironing before use? 

Our table overlays have a wrinkle-resistant quality, but light ironing or steaming may be needed to achieve a perfectly smooth look, especially if they've been stored folded.

What's the difference between Lamour satin and other satin table overlays? 

Lamour satin is known for its superior durability and slightly heavier weight than traditional satin, making it an excellent choice for events where you want a luxurious, long-lasting finish.

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