Square Tablecloth Linens

Accommodating your guests tablescapes, fine fares and classic cakes or treats are the tip of the icing when it comes to decorative opportunities. In lieu of reaching for only round linens or rectangular tablecloths, consider pairing the tables at your reception or special event with our wide collection of square tablecloth linens. Once upon a time, it was believed square linens were only meant to decorate square tables. This concept was bridged with designer elements, overlays and trendy styles and can now be used on all tables. Using square tablecloths has a new view of fashion for your special day. There are a number of inspirations that transform tabletops from a clothed surface to a stylish soiree.

Square overlays hold the ability to add color, depth and design to any table in the room. They will complement your base linen with a different hue and textures. At CV Linens we offer a vast range of square linen sizes, materials and styles to make it easy for brides to be and hosts to choose from. Our linen options include, 85” square rustic faux burlap, smooth velvet overlays or dreamy glitz sequin overlays in 54”, 72”, 85” and 90” square linens, all available in a large selection of colors. Our durable and economical polyester material will also offer similar sizes as well as solid and buffalo plaid and ½” gingham checkered prints, for easy mixing and matching of tones every table needs. Starting with a base round or rectangular linen, your square tablecloths will provide the wow factor you want to achieve for guests. Picture perfect colors like white, blush, dusty blue, or navy blue will dress the table in a chic collective of customized looks. Overlays can be draped individually, or they can be doubled for a hint of luxury. Two toned styles steer the overall design away from becoming too drab and monotone giving it an enlivened sense of the space.

Centerpieces will be adorned alongside charger plates and napkins to complete your tablescape. Collaborating table runners, tablecloths and chair covers with the setting lends a consistent style throughout your motif. Sashes and bands will elegantly bring the look together in the same materials, color or matching design. Depending on the size of your table, whether it’s a 60” or 72” round table to 6ft or 8ft tables, layering square linens can take on many shapes and fashions. They are vibrant in an array of couture patterns, prints and defined details!

When you shop our line of square tablecloth linens you will fall in love with the ease of use and the wonderful variety available. Fashionable and fitting for any occasion while protecting the table and linens underneath, our tablecloths offer a designer accent for your event and celebration. From holidays at home to a large wedding reception, the style you create will be a beautiful memory in the making!

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