Lamour Satin Swatch Booklet

Lamour Satin Swatch Booklet


Coordinating your color palette just got easier with our Lamour Satin Swatch Book! It's the new, must-have tool for any event planner! Each Swatch is roughly 6 1/2"x 8" and bound vertically in with a clear, protective cover. Make your consultation process a breeze with our Swatch Book!

Book Dimensions: 12" Length, 8" Wide, 1" Depth

Swatch Size: Approx. 6.5" x 8"

Featured Colors: Gold, Willow, Victorian Lilac, Mint Green, Royal Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Silver, Navy, Blush, Black, Champagne, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Ivory.