Tulle Fabric Bolt Roll 40 yards

Our Tulle Fabric Bolt Roll 40 Yards is an amazingly soft and lightweight material that is a versatile fabric perfect for a multitude of DIY projects. This gossamer-like fabric is the perfect solution for both small and large projects, from self-made party favors to crafting ethereal garments and window treatments. The beauty of bolts of fabric means they provide both the width and length required to complete larger scale projects, often with leftover for smaller crafts like trimming invitations to making ballerina skirts for birthday parties or flower girls. Tulle can be used to make table skirts, decorate blank or bland walls, drape from ceilings or lighting fixtures, and even draping across long tables and cinched at each end with ribbons as table runners. The crafting and decorating possibilities for tulle are abundant!

Securing a stunning look for your party space or sewing projects is achievable with our fancy tulle fabric bolts by the 40 yards. Tulle fabric will transform any lackluster venue and add a fairytale-esque edge to your party-wear. Shop our wholesale tulle line and make your next DIY project an instant winner!
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