Velvet 132" Round Tablecloths

Boasting a beautiful drape with a soft texture, our Velvet 132" Round Tablecloths make a great way to add a luxurious feel to your special events. A current wedding and fashion trend, velvet is a luxurious fabric that can come into play throughout all four seasons to make any occasion remarkable. Beloved for its plush texture, subtle sheen, and rich dimension, velvet table linens lend a luxurious, retro feel that can be styled with a modern, traditional, glamorous, or rustic twist.

Rich and picture-perfect, a simple velvet tablecloth pairs well with the floral centerpieces or greenery on your wedding tables to draw in a natural and organic aesthetic. This velvety goodness can curate a more modern take with rustic accents that balance out the fabric's more traditional elegance. Of course, velvet is well known for the characteristic warmth that makes it a go-to linen for fall and winter months, with rich, regal allure. Yet with soft and muted tones, velvet can take on a perfect sense of wonder for warmer seasons too. Our round velvet tablecloths are available in a variety of versatile colors that can be used in any season or theme. As guests take their seats, they will be surprised by the decadent feel of this alluring fabric. The way light catches on velvet is just a dream, giving candles and fairy lights an eye-catching distinction that guests will also take quick notice of upon arrival. The timeless elegance of velvet table linens is great to pair with other textured fabrics like sequins for a stylish wedding reception aesthetic. Adding velvet tablecloths for your party tables is perfect for a chic, vintage event, or Hollywood-inspired fete. The classic sophistication is sublime for your traditional and glamour-fueled events as well, lending an intimate, yet grand feel to your venue. Velvet might be most associated with indoor event spaces, but this versatile fabric is more than capable of bringing charm to your garden parties, seaside receptions, or woodland events.

There is just something so decadent about the feel of velvet that brings a certain coziness to any scene that is simply undeniable. Often unexpected, yet always welcome, velvet linens instantly capture opulence for that upscale impression. Lush bouquets, clusters of pillar candles, candelabras, vintage glassware, draping crystals, rich desserts, and bowls of fruit are just some of the accents that complement and look right at home perched atop velvet tablecloths for adding to that prestigious vibe. Available in assorted colors including jewel tones, our 132" round velvet tablecloths wholesale are long enough for that ideal floor length drop on 72" round tables or 48” cocktail tables. To further complement your event themes in rich cohesion, check out our selection of velvet runners, bands, rectangular tablecloths, and smaller 120" round velvet tablecloths.

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