Velvet Linen Napkins

Do you want table decor that screams luxury without overdoing it? Try our velvet linen napkins. Paired with our wholesale napkin rings and placed over an elegant charger plate, you will create a luxe layered place setting effortlessly. Discover the benefits of adding this velvet luxury item to your special events and learn creative ways to coordinate them with other decor elements.

Why Use Velvet Linen Napkins In Events

One of the top trends in decorating for formal events is using velvet. Event planners and organizers alike, understand the magical and royal appeal of velvet party supplies. Here are a few reasons to start incorporating velvet napkins into your events: 

Upscale and Sophisticated Design

Velvet fabric effortlessly makes anything look upscale. Try looking at a table setting with and without a velvet linen napkin to see the difference. Thanks to its short pile fibers, Velvet exudes a luxe because of its soft and subtle shine. If you see it used for evening wear, the first thought that comes to mind is usually luxury, and people will think the same when they see velvet napkins for wedding table settings.

Versatile For All Seasons

Velvet is heavily associated with winter and fall months, but you can make it fit any season or event with the right color schemes. Choose neutral tones and lighter colors alongside artificial greeneries for spring and summer parties. For fall and winter weddings, consider incorporating deep jewel tones such as burgundy and navy blue to add a touch of warmth.

Available In Aide Range Of Colors 

CV Linens carries velvet linen napkins in a variety of colors.Choose from emerald green, royal blue, purple, and burgundy to add a jewel-tone accent color to the tables. For bohemian or earthy wedding styles, incorporate muted neutral napkins in blush/rose gold, champagne, dusty blue, mauve, terracota or cinnamon rose. Of course, you can never go wrong with timeless wedding colors with black, silver, mustard gold, olive green, or white velvet napkins. 

Whatever color motif your clients have in mind, you will indeed find a suitable velvet napkin color in our collection. 

What To Expect From Velvet Linen Napkins

Our velvet napkins here at CV Linens are available in a wide array of colors, so take your pick. You can easily mix and match them with whatever theme your event has.

Velvet napkins can add a touch of luxury and elegance to any table setting. The subtle sheen and plush texture easily elevate the overall look and feel of the dining experience. If you are aiming for a luxurious ambiance at an affordable price, velvet napkins are an excellent choice.

Linen napkins are practical options for event planners and caterers because they are versatile and easy to care for. They can last for years because of their durable materials. You can expect the same thing from velvet napkins. 

To prevent damage to the velvet's nap, spot clean or dry cleaning is best. This will help maintain the integrity of the fabric.

Here at CV Linens, you can get gold velvet napkins or in any other color with coordinating table linens at low wholesale prices. You can score affordable linen napkins without compromising on quality. Their luxury appearance will make you want to use them in many events, but you can count on them to last you for years to come. Don’t wait to shop for elegant velvet napkins, tablecloths, overlays and table runners here.

Table Decor Ideas With Velvet Napkins 

You can play around with many of our velvet napkins’ colors. If your client wants a regal look, you may suggest black velvet napkins with dark-colored candles on candelabras, gold charger plates and utensils, and burgundy tablecloths. Opt for mustard gold curtain panels to complete the look. 

If you are planning a spring event, you can’t go wrong with pink velvet napkins set on white or pastel color charger plates over mauve tablecloths. Complete your spring tablescape idea with tall flower vases filled with blooming florals and foliage as centerpieces. 

If you want a sleek look, why not try white on white? Use white velvet napkins, chargers and plates, silverware, and tablecloths. Add pops of color through the flowers, glassware and colored tapper candles.

Velvet napkins are luxurious, flexible, and colorful, making them perfect for small and grand events. Enjoy an easy shopping experience for velvet linen napkins, charger plates, and bulk tablecloths for sale when you buy from CV Linens. Shop at CV Linens today!

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