Wave Sequin Mesh Tablecloths

Wave Sequin Mesh Tablecloths

Looking to add some pizzazz to your next event? CV Linens™ Wave Sequin Mesh Tablecloths can transform your ordinary tables into something extraordinary! These tablecloths are a great way to create a memorable atmosphere for your guests. Let's dive into what makes them so special.

Features Of Our Wave Sequin Mesh

Our collection of Wave Sequin Mesh Tablecloths is available in different shapes and sizes that can accommodate any type of event. 

For starters, we have them in 120" round tablecloths that fit round tables that can accommodate 4-6 people. 120” table linens can easily fit 60” round tables that will have edges that fall to the floor perfectly.

Alternatively, you can also use them on smaller diameter tables like 32", 48", or 54" round tables but will leave the ends to puddle on the floor. Meanwhile, if you use them on larger 72” tables, there will be an overhang of about 24” drop.

On the other hand, we also have 132" rectangular table linens for rectangular tables that can seat 6-8 people. 

Using these on 4ft tables will be too large and will cause the edges to puddle on the floor. They are perfect for 6ft tables that will leave the long and short sides just right so that the edges will fall perfectly to the floor. For larger 8ft tables, these 90" x 132" tablecloths will have the long side drop perfectly to the floor but will leave the short side short with about an 18" drop.

They come in different colors as well to match any type of event. Colors include gold, silver, and black.

What is Wave Sequin Mesh?

Wave sequin mesh is a type of fabric that elegantly combines two important elements: sequins and a mesh base.

Sequins are 3mm circular, sparkly embellishments attached to the fabric that add glitter to the overall design. They catch and reflect light, which then builds a wave-like impact for a very unique tablescape design. 

These sequins are securely attached to the mesh base to prevent the risk of tearing or shedding.

Mesh base, on the other hand, is a light, see-through fabric that serves as a foundation to attach the sequins. It guarantees a beautiful tablecloth drape that highlights the softness and elegance of your event style.

Perfect For Different Functions

This collection of tablecloths is so versatile that they can seamlessly adapt to any decor. They can perfectly complement a broad range of event themes and styles.

They are perfect for galas and weddings, where the goal is to add luxury to the event. They can also be used on proms and quinceañeras, where they can provide a youthful energy and vibe. Lastly, you can also use them for themed events like a Gatsby-inspired soiree where a gold tablecloth can take center stage. Meanwhile, a black tablecloth infuses a touch of mystery into a masquerade ball.

CV Linens™ has been known in the events industry for providing event planners, organizers, and hobbyists with high-quality yet affordable event linens and party essentials. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our Wave Sequin Mesh Tablecloths. Buy wholesale and experience the difference and quality we offer.

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