3 Piece Set Geometric Metal Cake Stands - Gold

3 Piece Set Geometric Metal Cake Stands - Gold

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Desserts can be more than a feast for the taste buds, they can serve as decorations if you dress them up in the right way! Our modern Geometric Metal Cake Stand is a chic choice for your creative cake creations. The gold-tone color and geometric shape of this openwork cake stand makes an elegant formation in which to serve up eye-catching treats. It can be used at all types of events and parties such as a wedding, baby shower, tea party, bridal shower, graduation, or holiday celebration.

A metal geometric cake stand is a fine solution to make your desserts look nice while serving a practical function. Geometric wedding decorations have been on the rise on the party scene for quite some a time now, and coupled with mouthwatering desserts, you really couldn't be more on trend! The use of geometric patterns gives a bit of an industrial touch that can also sway rustic or traditional while creating a very stylish look. Indeed, it has never been so easy to add a touch of contemporary glam to your special day. Your breathtaking wedding cake that will become the center of attention on this unique gold cake stand for weddings. Fashionably display your cakes and cupcakes on our wholesale modern cake stand, then turn it around and it also makes a chic bread basket for event dinners! Now that's functional value!

Material: Gold Plated Metal

Small Stand Dimensions: 31.5 cm Diameter by 8.5 cm Height

Medium Stand Dimensions: 39 cm Diameter by 10 cm Height

Large Stand Dimensions: 47 cm Diameter by 12 cm Height