Acrylic Crystal Bead Garland String Roll 99 feet

Acrylic Crystal Bead Garland String Roll 99 feet

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Create a romantic setting at your reception hall or wedding ceremony with our captivating Crystal Bead Garland String Roll 99 feet - Clear Acrylic. The ethereal appeal of these acrylic beads will transform your wedding day and help define your space by adding fluidity, layering, and luxury. This beaded crystal garland is terrific for all of your DIY projects. Imagine wedding invitations trimmed in crystalline glitz, tabletop candelabras adorned in light-reflecting splendor, and bridal bouquets wrapped in luxe detailing. This is only the beginning! This pearl garland can be used to decorate or finish a plethora of craft projects. Think favors, centerpieces, hair accessories, bridal gowns, and cake stands. This garland is likewise great to hang on our Manzanita tree. When hung from trees, these crystals create a beguiling scene, especially when combined with indoor/outdoor string lights. When suspended from walls or windows in side-by-side strands, this garland takes on a breathtaking form, ideal for photo opportunities or setting the mood for your event.

This acrylic crystal dewdrop strand is a versatile decoration for weddings, anniversaries, galas, engagement parties, bridal showers and baby showers. The dreamy charm of these dainty crystals attract attention from all the way across the room! Depending on how you decorate, their shimmer can be used in subtle effect up to large scale dazzle for a whole lot of bling!

Color: Clear Crystal

Quantity: 1 Roll

Condition: Brand New

Material: Acrylic beads

Dimensions: Approx 99ft L