Drape Support Clamp

Drape Support Clamp


  • Product Sku: 6735us
  • Type: Drapes
Color: silver
Add a more decorative touch to your Pipe and Drape set with our Drape Support Clamps! Drape Support Clamps are used to add an additional drape support (crossbar) to your pipe set to give you more decorative freedom. If you're looking to add an extra crossbar to your upright, but there is no slot for the crossbar to fit into, you'll want to purchase our Drape Support Clamp instead of a Valence Hanger. Our clamps are perfect for adding sheer drapes, a banner, or a touch of color in front or to the side of your drape set!

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Quantity: 1 piece

Requirements: 1.5" upright or 2" upright

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