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Drape Support Clamp

Drape Support Clamp

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Color: Silver
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Drape Support Clamp: A Must-Have for Event Draping Designs

If you're looking to put a decorative touch to your event set-up or want to elevate your Pipe and Drape set, try out our Drape Support Clamps!

Similar to valance hangers, drape support clamps are used to add an additional drape support crossbar to your pipe set kit for double or triple-layered backdrop designs.

Adding Drapes and Banners with Drape Clamps

Our drape clamps are perfect for adding extra crossbars to your upright setup without having to use another full pipe set kit. You may want to purchase our Drape Support Clamp for some flexibility in adding drapery and curtains at different heights to serve as layered backdrops to your event. These are small but super handy tools that you'll soon find to be very useful in your event design kit.

These are perfect for adding sheer drapes, banners, or a touch of color in front of the base curtains of your drape set. You can choose from our wide array of pipe and drape sets to modify using our drape support clamps.

If you're looking to save time and money but want to decorate your event venue to make it look grand, look no further. With backdrops and drapes, paired with our drape support clamps, you can make any space look regal in a matter of minutes!

These decorative event curtains set the backdrop for your special occasion, giving you a solid base to work on. These decorative event curtains are sold at wholesale affordable prices.

Event Draping for Every Occasion

Whatever theme you've got for your big day, you can be sure that CV Linens will have an event draping to suit your style. Choose from a wide array of colors and materials - from chiffon, tulle, and even spandex.

If you're looking for style and functionality, you may also want to consider our voile curtains for an elegant option for your event decoration. This curtain fabric is flame retardant, ideal for event venues that may require drapery, and curtains that are flame retardant such as theater fabrics.

Our voile curtains have linen texture with lasting durability. With our drape holder clamp, you can easily attach them to any pipe and drape set. It's a good investment and an affordable yet elegant choice for special events that may need safety precautions. Apart from its fire retardant properties, its material also makes for easy maintenance.

Drape Support Clamps for Easy Drape Decoration

All these drapes and curtains are sure to add a touch of elegance to your special occasion easily added to your pipe set with our drape support clamps.

At CV Linens, we assure you that our event drapers are among the most high-quality drapes you can find in the market and they come at super-affordable prices. You can also be sure about fast delivery options with a responsive customer service team to cater to any of your concerns.

Whatever theme you may have in mind, you can find the right drapery and curtains to match your style preferences.

Quantity: 1 Piece

Size: Approx. 3"

Compatible with: 1.5" upright or 2" upright

Total Crossbar Slots: 3 slots are available at 90-degree angles to accommodate additional crossbar