Disposable KN95 Face Masks (10 count)

Disposable KN95 Face Masks (10 count)

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Wearing face masks has become the “new normal” and we know it might be difficult to choose one to filter out unwanted particles. For a quick and effortless way to stay protected, check out the Disposable KN95 Face Masks that are now available at CV Linens.

Each mask is designed with two comfortable ear loops to ensure that the mask remains on and securely at all times to ensure your safety! For added protection, each KN95 mask is made specifically with five layers of melt-blown nonwovens. The five-layer feature makes each mask highly efficient when it comes to filtering out harmful airborne particles. Each layer of the face mask has a filter for a specific purpose. The non-woven outer layer assists with filtering the larger particles. The next layer known as the double melt-blown layer will consist of KN95 standard filter material and the double non-woven layer is designed to enhance the filtration of smaller bacteria and dust particles.

The KN95 face masks are intended for single use only and will be conveniently disposable after use. For your convenience, at CV Linens, we offer them in a 10-count pack at affordable prices to ensure a mask will always be handy! The face masks are available in one size (fits all) and each individual mask will include a metal nose clip that can be adjusted to fit different face sizes and shapes. The metal nose clip will also ensure a tight but comfortable fit around the nose to prevent allergens, pollen, smoke, or dust to enter.

For added protection pair the comfortable and easy-to-use  KN95 masks with the equally comfortable Safety Face Shield Visor Anti-Fog! For stylish prints be sure to check out our cloth face masks

NOTE: All sales are final and non-returnable. These are not to be used for medical/surgical use.

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