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My Little Angel Decor: Q&A With a Powerhouse Event Planner Yanilka Lozada

Yanilka Lozada, Founder of My Little Angel Decoration

One of the tried and true keys to success is to seek wisdom from successful people. Massachusetts event planner Yanilka Lozada, the Owner/Founder of My Little Angel Decorations and a current event industry superstar, joined us for a truly insightful interview so we could learn more about the powerhouses driving this industry!

You have no doubt seen Yanilka’s work everywhere from Instagram to the far corners of Pinterest. (Check out her work on My Little Angel Decor’s Instagram and Facebook.) Her signature look of color-coordinated theme parties featuring several linen textures has sparked a trend in event decor over the last few years. After interviewing Yanilka Lozada, it’s easy to understand beautiful decorations are only one part of the force that drives Little Angel Decorations. Passion, dedication, attention to detail, and commitment to building a better business are all part of the everyday tussle for this event planner.

If you’re an aspiring event planner, lean in for this one. This interview is packed full of advice from a seasoned pro to help you on your way to stardom!


Our Interview with Massachusetts Event Planner, Yanilka Lozada!


CV LINENS: Good Morning, Yanilka! Could you introduce yourself for our readers, please?

Yanilka: I’m Yanilka Lozada, Massachusetts Event Planner. Owner and Lead Event Planner for My Little Angel Decorations.

CV: How long have you been in the event planning industry? How did you get started in the industry?

Yanilka: Event planning has always been a passion of mine. I have been bringing others dreams to life for 10 years. I started helping others as a hobby ever since I can remember. I have five years with my own company, My Little Angel Decorations. I received great feedback from many and the demand and desire for my work grew almost instantaneously. It has been my life ever since and most of my time is reserved for my clients as well as in helping my business grow. Since [my business] was established in 2011, it continues growing due to my passion and dedication to the industry.

CV: Your style is so unique! Where do you get the inspiration to create such amazing decor?

Yanilka: To create looks and combinations, I first determine a color palette. The color combinations and textures, in my opinion, are two of the most important parts to the decorative aspect of the event. Most of the time, my inspiration comes from a vision or idea. I am also inspired by the many talented companies and individuals all throughout the industry. I make it my priority to ensure client satisfaction, so listening and catering to their desires is always the first step.

CV: What are your favorite types of parties to decorate?

Yanilka: Out of the many parties I do, I love to decorate Sweet 15’s (Quinceanera) and Sweet 16’s. These type of parties are a combination of elegance and happiness. I am able to include a bit of juvenile flare and fun into something that is traditionally very classic. I particularly enjoy the fact that it does not limit my creativity and getting to know my young clients is always a delight!

CV: What tips or tricks do you use to keep your linens looking great?

Yanilka: The one thing we can’t forget to do when working with such delicate linens is to IRON them! Another thing to not forget is to do is dry clean the linens as soon as possible after the event in order to make sure the linens are impeccable for their next use. Carefully handling and storing the linen in safe and dry places will keep them looking new for a long time to come.

CV: What trends in the event industry are you seeing the most in 2016?

Yanilka: The glitz and glitters are very much in style in 2016. The color Blush is also very popular and so is Gold. What I have been asked to provide my clients with the most this 2016 has been “glamour”.

CV: What are your favorite items from CV Linens for decorating an event?

Yanilka: Personally, I love all of the items that CV Linens carries. I love the variety and the vast amount of options I have. I love the different colors and textures in all of the linens. The prices are affordable, and the general public has the opportunity to buy and fall in love with the products just as I have. I love the fact that the CV Linens inventory is constantly being updated!

CV: What is your favorite part of your job?

Yanilka: The best part of my job is to see the venues completely transformed and decorated, then seeing the smile of satisfaction I receive from my clients when they see the finished product!

CV: What is the most difficult part of your job?

Yanilka: I am hired for very special days in a person’s life. I am hired for days and nights that my clients don’t want to forget. My mission is to create events and decorations that transpire through photographs as magical events that are memorable as well as beautiful. Often a client does not have the time to organize and decorate such grand events that require so much work, attention to detail, and a lot of inspiration if one is not familiar with decorating.

CV: Why should someone consider hiring a professional event planner and decorator to handle a special event?

Yanilka: The hardest part of my job has to be deciding where to begin when I need to start decorating. One event usually takes 6-8 hours to prepare. Taking apart and cleaning up after an event is usually pretty hard because these events are often held in very large venues and locales.

CV: As an established, successful event planner, what advice do you have for an aspiring decorator or event planner?

Yanilka: One piece of advice I have for any up-and-coming event decorator is being extremely organized is key! Having plenty of patience is of the utmost importance because event planning and decorating can get to be very stressful. Don’t lose yourself within the industry, and never limit your creativity.


Thank you, Yanilka!

We hope you enjoyed this interview as much as we did! Don’t forget to check out Massachusetts event planner Yanilka’s new work via My Little Angel Decor’s Instagram and Facebook.

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