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Interview with NYC Event Photographer Sueannette Nuñez

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Quality Photos Are an Event Planner’s Secret Weapon

As with all of the other growing facets of this industry, we have a desperate need for event photographers. Aside from just snapping keepsakes for the partygoers, it is crucial for event planners to have quality photos of their work for social media and promotional material. NYC event photographer Sueannette Nuñez is happy to come to the aid of event planners with amazing shots of the event decor and the guests of honor!

We were lucky enough to score an interview with this standout star of the event industry!
CV LINENS: Good morning, Sueannette! Could you please introduce yourself for our readers?

SUEANNETTE NUÑEZ: Hi everyone, my name is Sueannette from Sueannette Photography! I am an NYC event photographer.


CV LINENS: How long have you been an NYC event photographer?

SUEANNETTE: I am a self taught photographer. I did not begin my professional career as a photographer until February of 2016. I bought a DSLR camera 2 years ago to photograph my newborn son. After seeing photos from my son’s cake-smash photoshoot, many people encouraged me to pursue a career in professional photography. I started entering brand rep photo contests on Instagram. In order to win a brand rep contest, your pictures have to be sharp, clear, clutter free. (Most companies prefer contest entries are shot on a simple white background.) I purchased what I needed make a mark on the brand rep contests; backgrounds, stands, and photo lights. Shortly after, I had a gig photographing the sweets table at Coste Events Inc‘s grand opening.


CV LINENS: How would you describe your signature photography style?

SUEANNETTE: My signature photography style is to capture different angles and super closeups (especially those with someone blurred in front of the intended target) I love these shots!


CV LINENS: What lead you to the world of event photography?

SUEANNETTE: I started photographing sweets for Coste Events Inc. From there I began promoting my business by following different event planners in NYC social media accounts and messaging them about my services. July was an important month for me, because event planners began noticing my work. My business went from only photographing sweets to full events, which is great!


CV LINENS: Is there a specific type of event you specialize in, or do you have a favorite type of party?

SUEANNETTE: My favorite type of the event at the moment are baby showers! I love getting photos of the baby bump and mom-to-be. (Oh and dad too!)


CV LINENS: What are your “must-have” shots for event photography?

SUEANNETTE: My must-haves begin with all of the sweets and decor then the client with their loved ones. Before I finish, I ask the client again if there’s anyone we haven’t taken pictures with yet to make sure the most important people have a photo. I always do my best to get photos of everyone even though sometimes guests don’t want their photo taken or I have to focus more attention on the client.


CV LINENS: What can clients do to help make their photos the best?

SUEANNETTE: The number one thing clients can do to improve their photos is to get a venue with great lighting and white walls! Believe it or not, these things do make things better or worse. When my flash goes off the color of the walls reflects whatever I’m photographing. It’s a huge pain to try to cancel out bad lighting or a strange wall color.


CV LINENS: What are the benefits to having events professionally photographed?

SUEANNETTE: The benefits of having your events professionally photographed is you will end up with amazing photos in high resolution. You’ll get great shots from a professional photographer who knows how to do their best. Also, you with a professional you are purchasing edited photos which will make an even more perfect result. Professional photographers spend hours perfecting your photos to the best of our ability!


CV LINENS: As a successful photographer, what words of advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

SUEANNETTE: My best advice for new photographers just getting into the business is practice and never give up. When I look back at photos from earlier this year…I die! My photography has improved drastically because I practice. I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing event planners who book me constantly. They allow me to continue to grow and I am very grateful for that. I am constantly learning how to do things on my camera that I had no idea I could do. My last piece of advice is to invest! Photography is expensive, but you must invest in order to improve.


CV LINENS: Is there anything else you would like to share about your career?

SUEANNETTE: I am looking forward into expanding beyond just events and sweets. I want my potential new customers to know I am always open to new things! I have my first wedding and maternity coming up, so I’m excited. Wish me luck, guys!


NYC event photographer gold payette sequin tablecloth and drapes

Thank you, Sueannette!

We hope you have enjoyed our special interview with NYC event photographer Sueannette Nuñez! (Don’t forget, quality, high-resolution photos are the best investment you can make for your event planning business.) You can check out more of Sueannette’s work on her Facebook or Instagram.

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