Pie Day Picnic with Red Checkered Tablecloths

Pie Day Picnic with Red Checkered Tablecloths

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Happy National Pie Day! 

Celebrating an unsung holiday is a great, offbeat way of bringing your friends and family together for a fun gathering. A national tradition since 1986, it’s also a great way to throw an appreciation party for the teachers or civil servants you know! Plus, who doesn’t love a party with pie? This look is also great for backyard wedding receptions…you could even opt for pie instead of a traditional cake!

Who Can Pull Off a Checkered Party Look?

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Capturing this charming look is as easy as can be! Polyester is a snap to care for with home laundering and ironing. You won’t spend ages steaming and preening these durable linens. Pressing your tablecloths will only take a few minutes then it’s time to roll out the pies!


How Much Time & Money Does This Look Require?

Set Up Time: Approx. 20 Minutes
Cost: Approx. $54 for 6 Guests on a 60″ Round Table


When Can You Reuse Red Checkered Tablecloths?

Pie Day comes but once a year, but Red Checkered Tablecloths are perfect for all sorts of parties! Red Checkered Tablecloths have been a staple of restaurant tablecloths for decades. They’re back in favor for everything from spaghetti dinner fundraisers, barnyard themed baby showers, and even 4th of July celebrations! Stock up on checkered linens for Pie Day and use them again and again year-round.


What Will I Need?

The foundation for this look is undoubtedly our our Checkered Polyester Table Linens! Beyond that, you’ll definitely want to opt for a White Polyester Tablecloth underneath, with Red and White Polyester Napkins to match. Although optional, we definitely recommend picking up at least two Wood Slabs to host your pies on to set the party’s atmosphere and perfect the decor. If your Pie Day Party attendees are younger or you’ll only have a pie table, you can opt out of the Faux Wood Charger Plates in favor of Wood Slabs to hold more pies.

Shop Table Decor for This Look

Why Not Substitute?

Not sold on your necessity for Red Checkered Tablecloths? No problem! You can dress down any of our Polyester Tablecloths with a Red Checkered Polyester Table Runner for a versatile look ready to shine at a picnic. To keep with the theme, we recommend a solid white, red, or yellow tablecloth. Stick with the Wood Slab accent pieces and you’re all set for a more minimalist pie party!


Have You Used Our Checkered Polyester?

You may not have known it was Pie Day, but it’s not too late to grab a slice and plan your upcoming spring and summer events! We want to see photos of your decor – DM us photos of your special events via Instagram!

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