Chic & Sophisticated Black Stripe Sequins Tablescape

Chic & Sophisticated Black Stripe Sequins Tablescape

black sequins stripes gold glitz napkins striped tablescapeblack sequins stripes gold glitz napkins striped tablescape

Black Stripe Sequins Tablescape Inspirations

I love glittery and sparkling things but sometimes…this lady needs a break from pastels, lace, and blush. That’s why the boldness of this black sequins tablescape speaks straight to my heart!


Black Sequins for your Chic Event

For a single table or decorating for a large-scale event, this look is a total win. (Never be afraid to “go overboard” for a dinner party, or smaller party! I suggest finding any excuse to drag out your fancy linens!) The Black Glitz Tablecloth with Gold Glitz Napkins is a stunner alone, but adding a Stripe Satin Runner gives it a modern appeal! This look is also great as a loose Gatsby or Roaring 20’s theme. Swap the Stripe Table Runner for a Rhinestone Runner underneath a Pearl Roll. Simply apply the right centerpiece, and voilà you have an instant Great Gatsby-esque decor!

Another trend that’s catching seems to be rectangular tables for events. Nearly every bride-to-be or Event Planner is suddenly raving over rectangular tables for their events. This look is perfection for the wave of brides and Event Planners embracing rectangular tables because of the Stripe Satin Runner’s ability to add the illusion of length to a table. Another win for this surprisingly versatile tablescape!

If you are a professional Event Planner I highly recommend investing in this look. I know you may be thinking “yeah, it’s pretty but aren’t those stripes a little trendy?” The answer is yes, absolutely, but being made of satin they’re also extremely cost effective with our Black and white stripe runners (and that’s only if you buy less than 10!) While we’re confident the stripe trend will stick around a little while longer, you can never go wrong or out of trend with solid color Glitz.


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