Which Satin Rosette is Your Favorite?

Which Satin Rosette is Your Favorite?

White Satin Rosette on Mesh Wedding Tablecloth with Willow Satin Tablecloth

Double Satin Rosette

It’s no surprise that satin rosette has always been a customer favorite.

What some of our customers may not realize is there are actually two versions of rosette in the CV Linens family! The satin rosette most of our customers are familiar with is our ever popular, classic opaque rosette. However, it’s our lesser known satin rosette on mesh that could be your secret decorating weapon!

Why Mesh Matters

First of all, we know you love our classic rosette. Rather than opting for the satin backing you’re familiar with, why not shake it up with a new look? The lovely see-through mesh backing features row after row of stunning rosettes, but the real perk to satin rosette on mesh is its use for layering. Layering satin rosette on mesh will give your decor a pop of color without being overpowering!


Don’t Worry About Durability

There is nothing flimsy about this mesh backing – it’s durable and meant to last! You can expect this quality backing to resist snagging, flow nicely around a tabletop, and last through a variety of events.

Satin rosette on mesh’s white and ivory color palette are perfect for weddings, baby showers, or any other special event!


The Mesh and Crystal Look

To make this lovely white rosette on mesh cake table with sheer drapery in the background, use these items in addition to your own accent pieces:

One Pipe Set
Two Sheer Voile Drapes in White
One Satin Rosette On Mesh Tablecloth in White
One Satin Tablecloth in Willow
NEW! One Crystal 14″ Round Cake Stand in Silver
One Manzanita Centerpiece Wedding Tree 30″ Silver Glitter

White Satin Rosette on Mesh Wedding Tablecloth with Willow Satin Tablecloth


Tell Us Your Experience

It seems like the fans of rosette have held tight to their favorite for a long time. Is it the price? Quality? Overall look? Tell me your favorite aspect of rosette fabric in the comments!


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