Stunning Silver Charger Plates to Match Any Wedding Theme

Charger plates are essential in table settings and for various practical reasons. It helps if you know why you should exert an effort to place them on the table and how to use them properly.

If you want to put eye-catching elements on your table aside from crystal centerpieces, try using silver charger plates. CV Linens carry sunburst reef glass charger plates that are perfect for weddings, birthdays, and romantic dinners.

What is the purpose of charger plates?

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Restaurants use charger plates to serve multiple courses and create an aesthetically pleasing table setting. You can also get them from CV Linens for the following reasons, as many of our customers do:

1. Retain Heat

Chargers help keep the meals stay hot for a long time. They are effective at retaining heat and protecting the table from damage from hot bowls or plates. It does not matter even if you get served smoky hot dishes when there is a charger plate between the square or round tableclothsths and the actual plate.

2. Prevent Stains

Charger plates can be used as alternative placemats that keep stains and spills off the table. It can protect your expensive and exquisite tablecloths from a messy dinner.

3. Provide Aesthetic Table Setting

The color and styles of charger plates can immensely improve your dining table setup. They can make the table ready for formal dinners.

4. Improve the Way Food Looks

Putting food on a plain plate will not look as delicious as putting that plate on a charged plate with an intricate design and standout color. Setting it on silver glass charger plates will look different from using a regular plate alone.

5. Add a Decorative Factor to the Table

You can use the charger plate as an eye-catching addition to your table. It can complement your centerpieces.

Charger plates are also worth investing in. You can buy a dozen silver charger plates and repurpose them into something else. They can be used to serve cakes, as family plates for the holidays, as serving or treat trays, or as picture frames. 

CV Linens have charger plates that look amazing while staying functional, staying true to the purposes mentioned above. They are purely for decoration, and they serve this role well.

Typical Sizes of Charger Plates

Charger plates usually vary from 11 to 14 inches in diameter. They are meant to sit underneath a regular plate and serve as a decorative addition to a table setup. You can place smaller dinner plates on much bigger charger plates. For instance, you may put an 11-inch round plate on a 13-inch charger.

CV Linens sell charger plates in silver with an overall 13-inch diameter and an 8-inch diameter center. They are made of glass, and with their standout silver color, they will make a bold appearance on your table. You can buy them by piece or in bulk in 12-piece cases.

If you are wondering how you can make use of these large charger plates, try to picture this formal table setup:

  • Cover the table with an ironed tablecloth.
  • Put a charger plate on each seat.
  • Set a smaller dinner plate on a charger plate.
  • If you’re starting with a salad, put the salad plate on your dinner plate, still with the charger underneath.
  • If you’re serving soup next, put the soup bowl on the salad plate or charger plate.
  • If you’re going to put a bread plate, put it to the top left of the charger plate.
  • Place a table napkin to the charger’s left.
  • On the same side on the left, prepare the salad fork on the outside with the dinner fork on the inside.
  • On the right of the table charger, put the knife on the inside with its blade angling towards the charger plate and the soup spoon on the outside. Provide equal spacing between each flatware and align their bottom with the charger’s bottom.
  • Put a dessert spoon above the charger plate.
  • Set a place card above the dessert spoon. 

Ideal Match between the Sizes of Plates and Chargers

cutlery and charger plate
beautiful tomato salad

Some large dinner plates may work as chargers. However, there should be a significant difference between the size of the dinner plate and the charger plate underneath it. Otherwise, lifting and removing the dinner plate from the charger during mealtime service would be difficult.

While a charger should be bigger than a dinner plate, it should not be bigger than a serving platter. Charger plates, though, are sometimes used as serving platters, depending on the setup you have in mind.

CV Linens sells durable, sturdy, and elegant silver reef charger plates. They are made of robust glass that makes them suitable for use during special occasions or every day, as needed. Their bright silver color can light up any table they are placed on, even if they are placed under layers of smaller plates.

The long-lasting quality of CV Linens’ charger plates makes them worthy investments despite budget constraints. You can expect to use them for a long time, saving you money and time from not having to shop for new charger plates repeatedly.

CV Linens offer elegant, high-quality silver charger plates you can use multiple times during casual and formal occasions. Look through our website, add them to your cart, enjoy how they make food appetizing, add aesthetics to your table setting, and protect the table from stains and heat. Buy our charger plates in bulk today!

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