The Ultimate Guide to Table Skirt Clips & Table Skirting

If you’re looking to enhance your tablescape presentation, the best way to instantly give your event a glow-up is by decorating your tables with table skirts!

This eye-catching addition to your tables can instantly provide a visual improvement to your decoration without thinking too much about the other aspects of your decor. Think of buffet tables, cake tables, dessert tables, gift tables, or the sweetheart table on a wedding standing out from the rest of the tables on any occasion. 

Dusty Blue Tulle Skirt

What Are Table Skirts?

Table skirts are the most basic design that you can do without the worry of any hassle. They are simply attached linearly to a table using hook and loop fasteners, or what is more popularly called Velcro.

They're available in different sizes to match the coverage you desire for your event tables. Also, they are offered in a variety of materials, colors, and textures to complement any event theme or color scheme as well!

Because linear table skirts only provide coverage to the bottom of your table, you will need a tablecloth, overlay, or spandex cap to cover the top of the table for a flawless finish! A good rule of thumb is to use a table skirt and tablecloth that is in the same color and material. However, this is the perfect opportunity to mix and match colors and materials and play around with the color scheme of your event!

By using a table skirt that contrasts the tablecloth, you’ll be able to add voluminous texture to your table decor. From rustic ruffled burlap skirts to glamorous glitter chiffon table skirts, any table skirt picked for your event is sure to be breathtaking. 

Different Types Of Table Skirts

There are many ways to transform your table using these skirts. With the number of materials, colors, and textures available, you can create different styles to match any theme of your event. Here are a few examples:

1. Tulle Tutu

cake table settings
Chiffon Tulle Table Skirt Extra Long 57" x 17ft - Ivory & White

Tulle tutu skirts are made of several layers of mesh with a lamour satin band that provides a full and fluffy effect similar to a ballerina’s tutu. It has a medium coverage, so you might want to use a full coverage tablecloth underneath if you don’t want the table legs to show. 

This table skirting is ideal for sweetheart tables, dessert tables, and gift tables. The soft texture of tulle makes tutu skirts perfect for baby showers or fairytale-inspired celebrations, without the need for a wand or any DIY work!

2. Curly Willow

curly willow table settings
Curly Willow 17ft Table Skirt - Pink

Inspired by nature, curly willow table skirts are made of hundreds of taffeta and organza spirals and curls with a taffeta backing that gives them full coverage. They’re elegant and come in over 25 colors making them perfect for any event from a kids' mermaid party to a beach wedding or a formal classic wedding. The beautiful cascading and twirling strands of curly willow will be sure to flow with any event theme.

3. Gathered Lamour

Gathered Lamour Table Settings
17ft Gathered Lamour Satin Table Skirt - Navy Blue

Gathered lamour table skirts make adding glamor to wedding or quinceañera tables instant and effortless. Consisting of soft flowing waves of gathered lamour satin, these full-coverage skirts are a definite win.

The matte yet slight sheen offered by the lamour satin will add an alluring charm to sweetheart tables and cake tables without being too overpowering.

4. Chiffon Tulle

Chiffon Tulle Table Skirt Extra Long 17ft - Blush/Rose Gold

Extra long chiffon tulle table skirts are a stunning addition to weddings. They’re made up of a soft chiffon-colored layer under a fluffy white tulle top layer that creates a beautiful two-toned flow of fabric with full coverage. This skirt is elegant by nature and a great wow factor for weddings, baby showers, sweet sixteen parties, and any special event.

5. Polyester

Polyester 21ft Table Skirt - Black

Pleated polyester table skirts table skirts are truly classic, perfect for casual or classic events. Made from 100% polyester fabric and featuring box pleats, this table skirt will provide full coverage and a sophisticated touch to any table. 

Their simple elegance is perfectly suited for buffet tables, trade show booths, conventions, and classic weddings. This machine washable and dry-able skirt is a hidden gem!

What Table Skirt Length Do You Need?

Wedding Table Setup

Except for our breathtaking extra-long chiffon skirt with a height of 57”, our table skirts are approximately 30" tall and are available in 14ft, 17ft, and 21ft lengths. An added benefit of using linear table skirts is that one table skirt size can be used on many different-sized tables!

14ft Table Skirts

Even though they are the smallest skirt size, 14ft table skirts can embellish several tables. This will cover all four sides of a 4ft rectangular table, an entire 48” round table, and three sides of a 6ft and 8ft rectangular table.

17ft Table Skirts

The medium-length 17ft table skirts are the most popular size skirts as they can be used on several table sizes without being too short or too long. 17ft skirts will fully cover a 60" round table, all four sides of a 6ft rectangular or three sides of an 8ft rectangular table. For long tables that are made up of two 6ft tables placed side by side at the short end, this skirt will also cover the front and two sides.

21ft Table Skirts

The largest and most advantageous table skirt is a 21ft table skirt! Capable of covering all the previously mentioned tables, it will also fully cover 72" round tables and all four sides of 8ft rectangular tables. If a long table will be made from two 8ft tables, this size will also cover the long and two short sides.

Deciding on the coverage you give to your table will vary depending on your preference as well as where your table will be displayed. For tables that will be visible on all four sides, we suggest covering all sides. However, if your table is against a wall, only the three visible sides can be covered.

Table Skirt and Table Clip Sizing

Floral Garland Setting

After you find your perfect table skirt size, you are ready to use skirt clips to attach your table skirt! Our table skirt clips are available in three sizes to pick from including ¾"-1", 1.5"-2", and 2"-3", which clip onto most cocktail, round, and rectangular banquet tables. Although most tabletops generally measure between one to three inches, table thicknesses will vary from table to table. 

To determine the size of the clip you need, you will need to measure the thickness of your table. This can easily be done by measuring from the top to the bottom of the table edge using a ruler or measuring tape.

If the thickness of your table is in between the table clip sizes offered, we suggest rounding up to the next size. Using a smaller table clip may not fit on your table and if forced on, will cause it to break. 

If your table clip is purchased too large, it will not stay in place. For the perfect fit, your clip should fit snugly to the table without breaking or falling off!

Different Types of Table Clip Styles

Once you know the size of the clip you need you can move on to the style of the clip. The table clips we offer are available with velcro, non-velcro, and overlap/valance clips and they each have a unique intended purpose!

It's recommended to use one table clip per foot of the table skirt used for your table. However, since our table skirt clips are inexpensive, it is always a smart idea to keep an extra couple of clips on hand just to be safe.

Velcro Table Clips:

Velcro table skirt clips also known as velcro clips are made of durable clear plastic and feature a strip of velcro to effortlessly attach to our table skirts that feature a 1" sewn-in velcro strip. To use this type of clip, you simply clip it over your tablecloth and then press the skirt's velcro strips against the clip's velcro strips.

Non-Velcro Table Clips: 

Even though clips with velcro are the most common, non-velcro table clips are also very handy! Because these clips are used to assist tablecloths instead of table skirts, they are often referred to as plastic tablecloth clips. 

These clips are used to help secure tablecloths on tables for outdoor events that might experience windy conditions or to keep the tablecloth securely in place under overlays. They also are perfect for gathering tablecloth material when creating DIY scalloped tablecloths.

Non-Velcro Table Clips

Overlap Valance Table Clips

Another useful and multifunctional table clip is our overlap/valance clip with velcro! These clips are primarily used to overlap any extra or leftover skirt material. 

The clip slides over the already attached skirt with the velcro side facing away from the table. This allows the clip to attach to the extra skirt material. This clip can also be used to attach additional party decor to tables such as foam or paper flowers, oversized rose flowers, DIY foam or paper butterflies, and more!

Overlap Valance Table Clips

How to Use Valance Table Clips for Table Skirting

Watch this video all over how to use valance table clips to easily overlap leftover table skirt fabric!

Table skirts hide boring legs and come in tons of colors and styles to match your theme. Plus, table skirt clips are like tiny superheroes that keep everything in place, no matter how wild the party gets. Easy to use, these clips hold the skirt tight – no worries about wind or spills! Table skirts and clips: the winning combo for party-ready tables!

Are you a Visual Learner?

Watch our video all over how to use table clips and attach a table skirt to your table!

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