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7 Tips for Saving on Wedding Table Linens

Table linens are key additions to your wedding reception. They make the venue look elegant, reduce the visibility of flaws, and provide the ambiance you want to achieve on your big day. If you have a tight budget, you can find ways to save money on wedding table linens instead of doing away with them completely. The space will still look completely different if the tables are covered in banquet tablecloths for sale than when they are bare. 

Did you know you might need to pay around $40 or more for satin table cloths if you do not take the time to find a good supplier? Organza, velvet, and cotton tablecloths may cost even more. Linens usually cost between $20 and $80 per piece. If you have multiple tables to cover, the expenses will pile up, so finding ways to save money on table linens for a wedding will help. 

Rent Linens

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Renting linens may not be the cheapest solution if you want to save on linens, but it is still a practical option. You can find linens in various colors, materials, and sizes at rental companies. If you work with the right company, you might find high-quality linens that suit your wedding theme. Rent an aqua tablecloth for a beach wedding or some emerald green tablecloths for a nature-inspired motif.

At first glance, renting seems cheaper than buying linens, and you don't need to worry about storage. However, you will likely have limited customization, and some linens may not be as well taken care of after being rented multiple times. You also need to time everything and plan the logistics carefully to the last detail and prevent the risk of losing or damaging the rented linens for wedding tables to avoid additional fees. These factors are worth considering before deciding on what option to choose. 

Find A Venue That Provides Linens In The Package 

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If you are still searching for a wedding reception venue, consider one that offers table linens. Make sure to ask the venue provider so you will know if the linens are enough and how much it will cost you to use them. If you like their offer, it will solve your problem of having to look for linens from another source. However, you may also be limited with your choices of wedding table linens. 

Mix And Match Linens 

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Suppose you have existing linens, mix and match patterns or colors. The tables do not need to look the same, and the varied table covers will add visual interest to the venue. It will allow you to save money by not forcing a uniform look on your tables. 

Buy Wedding Table Linens And Resell Them 

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Have you found the linens you want? You can buy tablecloths on sale offline or online and choose to buy them used or brand new. Go for the former if you want to save more money, and if you are not the sentimental type to hold on to anything from your special day, sell the linens. You can get your money back and not be burdened with storing them. 

Many online suppliers sell tablecloths, chair sashes, napkins, or chair covers if you do not want to hop from one vendor to another offline. You can also easily compare prices online, with some suppliers offering price-matching services. Another advantage of online shopping is finding cheaper wholesale table linens for weddings like CV Linens. More than tablecloths, the US-based supplier also carries a collection of charger plates, faux flowers, drapes, display stands, candelabras, and other event decorations.

Use Paper Napkins And Tablecloths

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The cost of renting or buying table linens like tablecloths and napkins may come as a surprise to those who are new to wedding planning. You can always explore other more affordable alternative materials, such as paper. It is one of the cheapest ways to cover wedding tables, even temporarily. 

Paper napkins and tablecloths can be customized with the colors, dimensions, and patterns you like. However, they must be handled carefully, especially against soup, drinks, or anything wet, because paper easily gets torn under this kind of heavy-duty usage.

Make Table Linens And Resell Them

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Do you want to give your wedding reception a personalized look? Consider making your linens. Source the fabric in the right color and pattern and sew them yourself to get affordable table linens for a wedding. But like many couples about to be wed, juggling work, wedding planning, and wedding preparations, time may not be enough to work hands-on in making the linens yourself. It is yet another factor to consider with this option. 

Stick To Using Runners Or Overlays 

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Instead of covering the tables with full-on tablecloths, you can save money using table runners and overlays. You can put these smaller pieces on cheap, basic tablecloths to give the latter more visual appeal. A rusting wedding will call for a cheesecloth table runner, while one with a more classic or nautical theme may need a navy chiffon table runner.

Find An Affordable Supplier Of Wedding Table Linens 

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If you do not like renting or making linens yourself, you should devote more time to hunting for the right event linens supplier like CV Linens. On their website, you can find cheap table linens for a wedding to match various themes and needs, from a round tablecloth and sequin tablecloth to a blush table runner or ivory charger platess wholesale. These linens and other event decorations are available at affordable wholesale prices, deals, and free shipping offers for orders worth $99 and above. 

Are you worried about making choices while browsing through the supplier's wide variety of wedding table linens wholesale? Work with your wedding planner to go through those choices with you. If you are sentimental about keeping the linens from your big day, consider these tips:

Are you worried about making choices while browsing through the supplier's wide variety of wedding table linens wholesale? Work with your wedding planner to go through those choices with you. If you are sentimental about keeping the linens from your big day, consider these tips:

  • Do not cram the linens into the storage containers. Put them in fabric bags to prevent the linens from creasing. If you have enough space, hang them on hangers. 
  • Iron or steam the linens before the wedding to keep them from wrinkling before the big day. It will ensure that the linens will have a smooth and luxurious appearance. It will also help if you choose wrinkle free stain resistant tablecloths
  • Roll the tablecloths to reduce deep wrinkles and creases on the fabric. 
  • Put the tablecloths on the tables as close to the event's start as possible. 
  • Apply fabric stabilizers like spray starch to keep the linens wrinkle-resistant. It can make the fabric temporarily stiff to stop wrinkles from forming. 
  • Handle the linens with care during transport.

Make your dream wedding a reality without exceeding the budget, starting with saving money on your wedding table linens. Use the pointers above, from renting stretch tableclothsand other types of table linens to hunting down the right event linens supplier.

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