How to Effectively Store Your Wedding and Event Linens?

Whether you’re a professional Event Decorator or just someone who happened to accrue a collection of beautiful event linens, you will encounter dreaded storage issues. Protect your investment and preserve home storage spaces by following this guide to keeping your linens looking fresh, clean, and ready for years of use!

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The Best Ways to Store Linens for Weddings and Other Events

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Are you an event planner or a newlywed looking for the best ways to store your linens?

When it comes to event planning, it is essential to store and organize your linens and supplies. You have to maintain their quality and ensure easy access. This blog will focus on the best practices and storage solutions for different event linens. Examples include tablecloths, table overlays, and even wedding dresses.

Let's get started and find the best storage solutions!

How Do You Store Wedding Linens?

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Wedding linens must be stored properly to remain pristine and ready for your special day. Using linen racks and table linen hangers for your tablecloths and table overlays is one of the most effective storage options.

Linen racks help prevent creases and wrinkles, ensuring that your linens are ready for use immediately. Tablecloth hangers, on the other hand, enable easy organization and retrieval when organizing your next event.

Storage also depends on the fabric. For example, with spandex table linens, make sure that the fabrics are completely cooled after ironing or steaming to prevent creases while storing. Similar to satin tablecloths, storing them warm will create crease marks on the fabric. 

Is It Better to Store a Wedding Dress in a Wedding Dress Storage Box or a Bag?

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Preserving your cherished wedding dress needs careful planning. While some favor storage bags, others prefer wedding dress storage boxes. It all comes down to what you prefer and what your dress needs. 

Choose a storage box that is acid-free and lined with pH-neutral tissue paper. This will keep the fabric's integrity and prevent taints or fading. This is especially important for fabrics with a certain shine or texture, such as taffeta tablecloths.

You can also consider storing your wedding gown in a linen rack. They provide a dedicated space for hanging and protecting your gown. Remember to protect the dress from dust while allowing proper air circulation. You can do this by covering it with a breathable fabric, such as muslin.

Organizing Event Linens with Tablecloth Storage Racks


Use tablecloth storage racks to neatly store and categorize your linen's color, size, or event theme. A well-organized storage system saves more than just time. It also ensures that your linens and supplies are in great shape for future events.

These racks can hold folded tablecloths, chair covers, and other large linens. They maximize storage space while keeping everything tidy and easily accessible. Using labeled containers for chair sashes and chair caps can also help to keep these accessories well-organized and accessible.

How Do You Organize Your Event Supplies?


Besides linens, organizing your event supplies is just as important to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Having a designated storage solution for items like tablecloth clips and chair sash clips is essential. Tablecloth clips are essential for securing tablecloths. They stop them from moving or sliding during an event. Make sure you always have them on hand for your upcoming events.

Also, for easier access, separate your linens by fabric and by function. It is best to store chiffon table runners and label them accordingly so you can easily find them for your next event. 

Consider using small storage containers or compartmentalized boxes to keep these small accessories organized. These will prevent them from getting lost or tangled. Labeling each container will make it easier to find and identify the items when you need them.

Clean Tablecloth Storage Ideas

Buying wholesale tablecloths will surely save you a lot of time, money, and effort. It is also a good investment whether you are a pro in the events planning industry, or you have just started your personal event planning business. 

That is why, buying quality yet affordable linen tablecloth clearance items from trusted wedding suppliers is the key to making sure that your event linens will last. With CV Linens, you get the best of both worlds with our top-quality, yet affordable line of event fabrics!

1. Always Begin with Clean Linens

To keep your linens in perfect shape for longer, you must always make sure to clean and store them properly. Refrain from storing dirty linens! The optimal time for cleaning your event linens is as soon as possible after use.

Make arrangements for dry cleaning or laundering the next day or as shortly after the event as you can. Just think of cleaning your linens now as a favor you’re doing for your future self!  If you aren’t sure of how to clean your linens, you can refer to our Materials and Care Guide. If you have any questions about the best ways to store your linens and care for them, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

2. Remove Any Wrinkles

Ironing or steaming before storage may seem counterintuitive since your event linens will end up with creases from hangers or folding. But trust us, taking the time to press out the wrinkles now will give you a cleaner result later. Hanging linens vertically and steaming, or ironing before storage will make prepping your linens before their next use a breeze!

Some linens do not require ironing at all! Just make sure that they are clean and dry before folding them for storage.

For round tablecloths folding may be a bit too tricky, but you can easily fold it to an eighth, and then fold them vertically for storage. Another important tip is to never fold your linens when you have just ironed them, nor should you iron them while folding. Give your fabrics time to cool before putting them away for storage so you won’t have to deal with crease marks when you bring them out for your next event. 

3. Choose the Best Storage Method

For rectangular tablecloths, storage may be more straightforward. Simply clean, iron, and fold them, then store them in a clean plastic container that is not tightly closed shut. Some, however, opt to vacuum seal their clean linens (like how bedroom comforters are stored). But make sure to read up on this first, and which materials are better stored using this method.

A downside would be crease marks on your linens once you use them again. Also, a lot of fabrics need to be stored in ‘breathable’ containers.

Ideally, fabrics of the same material should be stored together, separated by color or color shades. The key is to determine which linens go together, and which event fabrics should not be stored in the same container. For example, with sequin tablecloth, it is best to wrap each fabric separately to ensure that sequins will not fall out and to prevent entanglement with other sequin fabric. 

Pro Tip: Where Not to Store Linens

When it comes to home storage space we are often at the mercy of basements, garages, and attics. Unfortunately, none of these places are ideal for storing your linens.

These storage spaces can be damp, dusty, breeding grounds for mold, moths, or other conditions to ruin event linens.

Use caution when choosing containers for storing your event supplies in bulk. Containers that are closed may limit the amount of air circulation or trap moisture. If you have a large assortment of linens, consider investing in a shelving unit, dresser, wardrobe, or closet specifically devoted to storing your linens.

More Tips for Linens Storage

Now that your linens are clean, pressed, and have a place to call home, it’s time to get serious about organizing. Store your linens so they are accessible, easy to find, and hard to wrinkle. These best ways to store your linens will make your next set-up a snap!

  • Organize your linens by color so you easily mix and match from your collection.
  • A quality pant hanger with clips can support the weight of 3 to 4 chair covers, saving you space and time spent on ironing in the future!
  • A pant hanger with an open side makes an optimal hanger for tablecloths, drapes, or other large linens preventing bunching, stress, and wrinkles.
  • Empty wrapping paper tubes make a fantastic place for storing rolled tablecloths, sashes, or table runners.
  • To avoid having to fold table runners or chair sashes, wrap them loosely around the bottom of a hanger then secure them with a clothespin or bobby pin.
  • Bundle napkins together and tie them with a ribbon for easy retrieval.
  • Try a scented bar of soap, sachets, or fabric softener sheets in the drawers or wardrobe where you store your linens to keep them smelling fresh! Just take extra precautions to be sure the scented items do not touch the linens.

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Following these best ways to store linens will help you create a beautiful and well-prepared event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

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How Do You Organize Your Event Linens?

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Happy planning!

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