Troubleshooting Your Pipe & Drape Set

Pipe & Drape Set Tutorial Setup

Trying to put together a pipe and drape set can be tricky for first time users. Below we fill in answers to common pipe and drape set problems with video tutorials so you can easily troubleshoot a pipe and drape set!

The Problem → Where is The Pin?

Setting up your pipe and drape set with a slip-fit system requires fitting your uprights over the pins sticking out of the bases. Only when you go to set up your uprights, there are no pins to be found! What can be done?

The Solution → Find The Pins Inside The Upright

Don’t panic! The pins are there, just not where you would expect to find them. You can find the pins that screw into your bases inside your uprights. This saves vital space when it comes to shipping and packaging as well as ensures your pipe and drape set ships with a correctly sized pin.


The Problem → Why Won’t My Uprights Contract?

Are your uprights stuck in a position and won’t move? Uprights can become fixed in place whether they’re all the way expanded, completely contracted, or somewhere in between!

The Solution → Lift and Wiggle

Never try to force your upright to expand or contract. Roughly trying to force your uprights into place will only result in scratching your pipe and drape set. Simply lift the buttons of the slip-lock collar while simultaneously twisting the pieces of the upright into place. It may take a little bit of “wiggling” of the upright pieces to get the slip-lock collar to engage.


The Problem → How Do I Get The Crossbar to Expand?

Your crossbar is supposed to expand from one size to another, right? It can be frustrating when your crossbar is stuck at the length you weren’t planning to use.

The Solution → Fully Compress the Button-Lock

Do you see the little button popping up on the length of your crossbar? That’s what you’re looking for! The little holes on the outer piece of the crossbar? Those are the “locks.” Firmly compress the button so it can slide under the bar while you pull the inner bar out to expand it. Line up the button with the appropriate lock/hole and allow the button to pop through the lock to secure the crossbar into place.


The Problem → How Do I Add Another Crossbar?

You may have noticed some beautiful drapery set ups require an extra crossbar. How do those second crossbars become attached?

The Solution → Valance Hangers

You’ll notice your uprights have 4 slots at the top. The inner slots are where you would traditionally attach a crossbar. The slots facing forward? Those slots are where you can add valance hangers! Simply slide your valance hangers into the forward facing slots, then slide the hooks of a second crossbar into the slots of the valance hanger. After the second crossbar is in place, you’re ready to hang your next round of drapery!


The Problem → How Do I Store and Transport My Pipe and Drape Set?

What happens to your pipe and drape set when you aren’t using it? Or even more troubling, how do you get the pieces of your pipe and drape set from point A to point B?

The Solution → Carry Bags

Invest in some carry bags for uprights! These bags are specifically made to hold your uprights in place and keep them dust and moisture free. Best of all, the convenient strap makes transporting your pipe set a snap. As for the other parts of your pipe and drape set, be sure to full contract your crossbar into its smallest form and store it somewhere where it will not be bent or risk getting wet. We recommend stacking your bases and storing them in a box or tote bag until it’s time to use them.


Any Questions?

Do you have questions on how to troubleshoot a pipe and drape set that we did not cover in this feature? Give our Customer Care Team a call at (512) 821-1178 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you!

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