New: Organza

New: Organza

Organza Chair Sash

Beautiful and Soft Organza!

This week we received our newest colors in Organza. We have added Baby Blue, Coral, Magenta, and Mint green. Each lovely sheer and shimmering color is available in table overlays, table runners and a new shades for our organza chair sash. We will soon have 40 yards fabric rolls available for your backdrop and draping creations.


Baby Blue Organza Chair Sash, Table Runner, and Overlays

  • Baby Blue is a soft pale blue reminding us of a clear sky. A perfect color for a subtle touch of blue to your event decor. Pair with pastel colors or add a complimentary bold colors for a wow! effect. Shop our baby blue organza items here.

Baby Blue Organza Fabric Material

Coral Organza Chair Sash, Table Runner, and Overlays

  •  Coral is a stunning mix of pink and orange. We love coral! It can be used with really any other color(s) to create a soft, romantic, beach , tropical, modern or vintage tablescape. Coral is truly versatile and perfect for a spring or summer event decor. Shop our coral organza items here.

Coral Organza Fabric Material

Magenta Organza Chair Sash, Table Runner, and Overlays

  • Magenta is a stunning iridescent mix of purples. This color is one of our faves and exclusive to CV Linens. It is a great choice to use for a Radiant Orchid theme. We are very excited to see all of our customers decor using this stylish shade. Shop our magenta organza items here.

Magenta Organza Fabric Material

Mint Green Organza Chair Sash, Table Runner, and Overlays

  • Mint Green is a soft pale tint of a green. It is another great choice for a vintage, mod or garden theme. Pair with contrast colors for a pop! It is also great color to use with bold patterns. Or mix with pastels for a soft enchanting palette. Shop our mint green organza items here.

Mint Green Organza Fabric Material


Here are few table set ups and mood boards for ideas on incorporating our newest colors to your wedding or special event!

Mint Green Organza Fabric Material Inspiration

Which of our new organza colors is your favorite? Do you have any colors you think we should add to our line? Let us know via email, phone, or social media. Until next time!


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