Bold Turquoise & Purple Mermaid Sequin Tablescape

Bold Turquoise & Purple Mermaid Sequin Tablescape

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There are two kinds of people who choose bold color palettes for their wedding or special occasion. There are those who can actually commit to moving full speed ahead with a purely bold mermaid inspired color palette and there are those who only think they want the bold look. This is only because most people are not expected to come up with a color palette everyday.

Whenever I assist on a design consultation with a robust color palette, I suggest the bold colors for an accent. This is a little less jilting than a strictly bold color palette. Whether the end result is a bold-on-bold color sensation, or just dashes of extreme coloration it’s all about visualizing. My second approach is adding color to metallic base linen. This was the course of action we took while creating this Silver Mermaid Scale with Turquoise and Purple Satin Mock Up!


Mermaid Sequins with Turquoise and Purple Accents

Turquoise and Purple as a pair have been burning up Pinterest for everything from home/wedding decor to hair color schemes. They are a perfect example of bold wedding colors. The Silver Mermaid Tablecloth added the perfect backdrop while the layered Purple and Turquoise Satin Table Runners with alternating Turquoise and Purple Satin Napkins. These were the details to add the perfect amount of color without overpowering the venue! The crystal accents are an excellent for complementing the sparkle of the Mermaid Sequin Tablecloth for a cohesive statement.

Don’t like purple or turquoise? You can easily swap out one color in favor of another. If you’re not set on Purple try Royal Blue. If you don’t like Turquoise, try Fuchsia instead.

Next time you find yourself in a decorative dilemma remember you aren’t in this alone! There is always more than one way to add bright, bold colors to your special occasion decor.


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