layered skirting

Try Our New Layered Skirting Chair Back Cover

Try Our New Layered Skirting Chair Back Cover

Layered Skirting

Are you ready to shake up your special event chair decor? Our brand new Layered Skirting Chair Back Cover is here to shake up the chair game!

With wedding trends growing and evolving every year it’s difficult to show your guests something they’ve never encountered before. Your ability to transform a run-of-the-mill wedding into a veritable wonderland relies on the minutiae of your decor. 

In the last few years, modern wedding planners have begun steering away from chair covers. Wedding planners are beginning to favor the simple elegance of the Chiavari chairs. Often the Chiavari chairs are adorned with a decorative element such as a chair band.

What Are Chair Back Covers?

taffeta chair covers

Let's start from the beginning. Chair back covers are like clothes for your chairs. Just like you wear a jacket when it's cold, these covers go on the back of your chairs to make them look awesome and keep them protected.

Elevate your event decor by dressing your chiavari chairs in five luscious tiers of ruffled taffeta cascading from the seat of your Chiavari Chair with our chair skirt covers! 

Adding a touch of instant romance and ambiance has never been simpler than sliding the taffeta-covered elastic bands over the top of Chiavari chair backs.

From the wide selection of wholesale chair covers that we offer, our layered skirt patterns are one of the best choices for grand events, which bring elegance and brilliance to any party.

We carry layered skirt chair back covers in Ivory, White, Gold, Silver, and Champagne.

Vintage Veil Chiavari Chair Full Back Cover - Gold & Ivory
Flower Brooch Rhinestone Chair Pin Sash Buckle - Gold
Glitz Sequin Chiavari Chair Cap 16"W x 14"L - Silver
Spandex Banquet Chair Cover - White

Design tips for our Layered Skirting Chair Back Covers:

Pair with any of our Taffeta items for a fabric match.

For additional glamor, dress your chair with a Vintage Veil Chiavari Chair Back Cover in a coordinating color. 

Add chair cover sashes for an added design.

Match the skirts with chair caps for a complete chair overhaul.

Add details to the design by using sash buckles and clips on the fabric that are hanging loosely on the banquet chair covers.

Why Chair Covers With Skirts Are Special

Our chair back covers are not just any covers; they're extra special! Here's why:

taffeta chair cover variations

1. Layers for Style

These skirted chair covers have layers that make them look like they're wearing a fancy dress. Imagine your chair looking all dressed up for a party – that's what these covers do!

2. Easy to Put On

They’re really simple to fit. Just slip them over the chair back, and you're done!

3. Protect Your Chairs

Chairs can get dirty or scratched sometimes. These covers help keep your chairs safe from spills and scratches. It's like a superhero cape for your chairs!

4. Lots of Colors

We have them in many colors, so you can choose your favorite or match them with your room's colors. Whether you like bright red, calming blue, or sunny yellow, we've got a color you'll love!

Where Can You Use Them?

You can use these covers anywhere you have chairs:


  • In your dining room for fancy dinners
  • At your desk for homework or drawing
  • In the living room for movie nights with friends
  • Even on outdoor chairs for picnics in the park


Why You Need These Covers

Now you might be wondering, "Why do I need these covers?" Well, here are some cool reasons:

1. Make Your Chairs Pop

These covers will make your chairs stand out in a good way. They'll look so cool that everyone will want to sit on them!

2. Easy to Clean

If you accidentally spill something on them (we all do sometimes), no worries! You can easily wash these covers and make them look new again. Plus, they dry super fast, so you can use them again in no time.

3. No More Boring Chairs

Say goodbye to plain, boring chairs. With our covers for chairs with skirts, your chairs will become the stars of the room. They'll be like celebrities in your home!

Do you have Ideas for Decorating your Chairs with our new Layer Decoration Skirting Skirt Back Covers?

We would love to know all about your ideas for your wedding Layered Skirting Chair Back Covers! Show us all of your event decors. Get inspiration or share your designs in our blog, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest pages! 

If you love planning events and organizing them, you can explore the CV Linens Rewards program. It gives you fantastic deals, discounts, and special offers when you shop for your preferred event decorations. We have all the party essentials you require, such as pipe and drape kits, chair covers, napkin rings, and more.

If you’re looking for big discounts, you can check out the CV Linens Deals of the Week section, where you might be able to find the cheapest event decorations that still have the best quality. 

If we come across an idea we especially love we’ll be sure to make a mock-up of it and give you design credit.

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