New:  Glitz, Gold, & Black Satin

New: Glitz, Gold, & Black Satin

We’ve been getting quite a few new arrivals in lately, and we couldn’t be happier about them! This week we’ll present you with a few new additions to some of the classics already in our line up: Glitz Sequin Red Napkin, Black Satin Drape Backdrop, and Gold Taffeta Universal Self-Tie Chair Cover


New Arrivals: Glitz Sequin, Drapes, Chair Covers

Red Glitz Sequin Napkin

Glitz Sequin Red Napkin

Previously only available in Apple Red for the red family, we now carry a solid Glitz Sequin Red Napkin 20×20! This red napkin will pair perfectly with the other items we have in the Glitz Sequin line, including a table runner, table overlay, fabric bolt, and round/rectangular tablecloths. One of our most popular colors in our most popular fabric, red pairs well with a number of color palettes including Black/Flocking, Gold, and Aqua Blue/White. Check out our Red Wedding & Event Inspiration board on Pinterest to get the ideas going!


Black Satin Backdrop Drape

Black Satin Drape Backdrop

We’ve continued to expand our drapes selection as more customers are requesting them. Our latest addition to our Satin Drape line, the Black Satin Drape Backdrop, is the perfect solid draping for events that needed a darker backdrop! From tradeshows to theater sets, our durable satin is not only reliable, but is extremely luxe in appearance and texture. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain as it can be machine-washed and dried for reuse. Versatile, long-lasting, and low-maintenance – what’s not to love?


Taffeta Universal Self Tie Chair Cover Gold

Gold Taffeta Universal Self-Tie Chair Cover

One of the most popular accent colors of 2015 has now gone a step further! You may have seen our other Gold product items before, but now you can match those overlays and tablecloths to the perfect Gold Taffeta Universal Self-Tie Chair Cover and ditch mixing fabrics for your event. Check out our Rhinestone Mesh Clips to pair with these gorgeous chair covers to really heighten the look of your event, and don’t forget the matching Gold Taffeta Napkins and Gold Taffeta Overlay to look effortlessly cohesive! You can find more gold inspiration on our Gold Wedding & Event Inspiration board on Pinterest.


Are you excited to see our new fall items starting next week? Is there anything you’re hoping we get in stock? Get in touch and let us know!


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