Wedding Flower Wall Backdrop

Vibrant Floral Wall Panels Add Colors To Your Event

Flowers in bloom are staple event decorations, from bridal showers and weddings to baby showers and birthday parties. Some event or wedding floral budgets allow to decorate a room full of fresh flowers, but for some budgets, these might be too expensive and delicate to transport. A cheaper yet equally elegant alternative is to use faux flowers and greeneries for the set-up and backdrops. 

 Silk faux flower panels have a natural realistic look, without the need for watering nor removing wilted leaves. These floral backdrops are perfect for a photo booth background or even the centerstage design for the lovely couple or the birthday celebrant.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions of putting together flower wall panels.

Vibrant Floral Wall Panels

What kinds of flowers are usually used for wall decors?

Roses, hydrangeas, and peonies are among the most popular flowers used for floral wall decorations but a lot of event designers also use tulips, dahlias, and other seasonally available fresh flowers.  

However, using artificial flowers is a great alternative because you can use them at any time of the year. Silk flowers can also be stored and easily assembled for the next event like the ready-made artificial silk roses and hydrangeas flower wall panels offered by CV Linens.

You may also opt to create a diy flower wall panel with artificial greeneries and loose stems and bunches. If you want a more elaborate floral design, you may want to experiment with oversize foam flower wall decors for more eye-catching decors. 

Flower Wall Backrop
White Flower Wall Backdrop
Pink Flower Backdro

How many total flower wall panels do I need for my wall space?

The total amount of panels needed for a flower wall depends on the size of the flower panel and the dimensions of the wall or the size of the pipe and drape set you will use. 

 For example, to cover a 5ft x 8ft wall with a 16" x 24" Hydrangeas Flower Wall Backdrop Panel, you need 16 total panels and 20 panels to cover a 6ft x 8ft wall. To find the number of panels needed for a flower wall backdrop, be sure to use our Flower Wall Panel Calculator located in our sizing guides. 

 For free-standing floral walls setups using pipe and drape sets from CV Linens, allow for a few extra inches to ensure the crossbars and uprights are covered by the wall panels for a seamless design. And if the floral wall is bigger than the wall or pipe set size, the plastic backing can easily be cut down to size.

How do I put the flower wall panels in place?


There are a few ways you can secure your artificial flower wall backdrop decorations. The first option is using zip ties to connect the wall panels together to a pipe and drape sets creating a free-standing flower wall. While each floral panel features a bendable plastic grid backing that allows the panels to interlock together for extra reinforcement you can use zip ties to connect the wall panels, especially if creating a large flower wall. 

 Some event planners also prefer to use wooden plyboards for more sturdy permanent wall designs, especially for outdoor gatherings. You can use a staple gun to attach the floral wall panels to the board but if you plan to reuse the floral panels for other designs and worry that the staples might damage the panels, you can add nails or screws to the plyboard and hang the panels there. 

 You may also want to watch this simple how-to video on setting up a portable floral wall backdrop using materials at wholesale pricing available at the CV Linens website. 


How much do flower panels cost?

You may purchase silk flower wall panels starting from a discounted price of $14.99 per panel at CV Linens. You can also shop for artificial boxwood greenery panels starting at $4.99 per pane! To enhance the wall panels, decorate them with silk flowers or oversized flower decors. For a dimensional backdrop design, combine your floral backdrops with affordable event draping sets.

Depending on the size of your backdrop, you can create a beautiful diy decorative floral backdrop for under $100!


Rose Flower Wall for Wedding


Can I use floral wall panels as permanent decorations?

While flower walls are mostly used for special events, you may also use these flower walls as home decorations. Brighten up any room with this everlasting blooms in your living room or bedroom. They may also serve as decorations to your indoor indoor garden space or if you want nature- inspired vibes in your home, with very little maintenance.

Photographers, hair and make-up artists, and content creators can also use floral wall panels for photoshoot backdrops and set decorations. If you work in a photography or hair and make-up studio, or you are looking for elegant-looking photo backdrops for your Youtube content, these faux flowers wall backdrop can instantly add that glam factor to your digital content.

Check out this how-to guide full of inspo for DIY flower wall backdrop panel that can also be used as room decors. You can use the same wall mat panels and flower decorations and secure them by installing hooks or nails using a power drill and hanging the floral panels together with floral wires or zip ties.


How do I clean the faux flower decors?

One of the advantages of faux decorative flowers is that they last a long time, and can be used for a variety of events, given proper handling and care. For best results use a handheld vacuum, hairdryer on a cool setting, or air duster to remove dust from silk flowers and greeneries. Faux flowers can also be cleaned with a damp cloth just be sure to air dry them before storing them in plastic bags or plastic containers. 

 Make sure to pack each panel loosely to maintain the shape of the flowers. However, if the silk flowers lose their shame or become flat from storage, you can quickly help them regain their shape by fluffing them with a hairdryer or fabric steamer. Be sure the tools are on a low setting and gently and quickly pass them over the flowers, be sure not to get too close to the flower to prevent damaging them.

You may check our Instagram and Pinterest page for more faux flower wall backdrop inspirations, for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and kids’ parties.

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You may check our Instagram or Pinterest page for more faux flower wall backdrop inspirations, for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and kids’ parties. 

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