Boxwood Panels

Create a lush green layout for your special events with Boxwood Panels wholesale from CV Linens! Artificial greenery wall panels can be used to create the look of living walls for beautiful backdrops used behind stages, head tables, dessert tables, or for a professional-looking photo backdrop. They provide visual interest, create a stunning room partition, or conceal unattractive walls at your venue. Once a fake boxwood wall is installed, it immediately captures the illusion of lush greenery, yet does not require the care or maintenance of live foliage.

Why Choose Boxwood Panels?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Choose from two available sizes: Approx. 12"x12" and 16"x 24" lifelike boxwood panels
  • These synthetic boxwood hedge panels are easy to install with their flexible plastic backing with built-in interlocking points.
  • Faux boxwood walls provide a lifelike design with vibrant color.
  • Easy way to create a focal point at any special event and pairs easily with balloons, transparent balloon boxes, neon signs, large foam flowers, and other decorative elements.
  • Several ways to use them- living business signs, photo backdrops, stage backgrounds, wall coverings, room partitions, fence accents, privacy screens, walkways, and more.
  • Faux greenery panels are maintenance-free, meaning no pruning or watering is required. They will not wilt or wither like live boxwood hedges, making them great for both indoor and outdoor events.

Boxwood Panels FAQ

Q: How many boxwood panels do I need?

A: Panels needed will depend on the size of the desired boxwood backdrop. Reference our convenient Flower Wall Panel Calculator for the number of panels required.

Q: How to attach boxwood panels together?

A: Panels can be attached with the built-in snap-lock mechanism, zip ties, velcro, pipe cleaners, floral wire, or ribbon.

Q: How to hang boxwood panels on the wall?

A: Hang the panels using nails, thumbtacks, or command hooks. Zip ties can also be used to hang on to pipe set kits.

Q: Is there a helpful method to set up a flower wall backdrop?

A: Our article on How to Set Up a Portable Flower Wall Backdrop provides step-by-step instructions and other helpful setup tips. 

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

From weddings to showers, there is no doubt that boxwood fake greenery backdrops create a most transformative and dramatic backdrop for events. Artificial boxwood hedge mats are an easy way to create a focal point at any special event and can be used to create diy champagne walls, photo booths, or to highlight dessert tables or sweetheart tables.

There are so many ways you can enhance a faux greenery panel to make a beautiful backdrop that perfectly summarizes the theme of your celebration. These lush panels will dazzle guests when decorated with neon signs, sparkling LED curtain lights, colorful foam flowers, laser-cut wood signs that add a meaningful message, or other assorted greenery accents to pull the look together.

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