New: Mint Green, Glitz with Stripes, & Drapes

New: Mint Green, Glitz with Stripes, & Drapes

Mint Green Tablecloth

We’re getting tons of new items in here lately for Summer, and we may be a bit biased, but they’re amazing! We’re so excited to start sharing them with you; if you follow our Instagram you may have noticed we have slipped a few sneak peaks in already. We couldn’t resist! Some of the items are a fresh new take on the classics you already know and love and some are new products to us altogether.

New Stripe Glitz Sequins

Black Stripe Glitz Sequins Silver Stripe Glitz Sequins Gold Stripe Glitz Sequins Champagne Stripe Glitz Sequins

To kick off our new arrivals, and what everyone seems to be in love with already (for good reason), our Glitz Striped Sequin line! Did your jaw drop? Ours did when we first saw these sparkly chic products in person! Each sequin is hand-sewn into our durable and long-lasting taffeta to ensure you’re receiving only the very best quality. Don’t worry, if you’re not a DIYer who can make use of the bolts seen above, we also carry round tablecloths, rectangular tablecloths, and table overlays in this gorgeous pattern! There can never be too much of a good thing, right? For a more colorful option we also offer a white and turquoise and a white and purple Striped Glitz Sequin.


Polyester Premier Backdrops and Drapery Polyester Premier Backdrops and Drapery Black Banjo Backdrops and Drapery Banjo Backdrops and Drapery Sheer Voile

Backdrops and Drapery

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve got you covered for the basics of drapery and backdrop panels now! In our last New Arrival post we introduced you to our lightweight, yet thoroughly reliable, new piping set and these are the perfect fit to accompany them. As our most lightweight and transparent option we’re offering the Sheer Voile in four different sizes.

The perfect fabric to gather and use uplighting on, these panels are extremely popular at weddings and other large events. Also lightweight, but a bit more opaque, are the Banjo backdrop panels! As they’re a bit more opaque than the Sheer Voile, the Banjo can be used at trade shows, photo booths, showrooms, and theaters in addition to weddings and large events. Lastly, our most opaque, hefty, and durable option is the ever-popular and classic Poly Premier! It’s extremely versatile and can be used for any event, but best of all, it’s wrinkle and fire resistant on top of being easy to maintain. 


Get Your New Mint Green Tablecloth!

Lavendar Polyester Tablecloths Mint Green Polyester Tablecloths Gold Polyester Tablecloths

Also in the news of polyester we’ve updated our selection of colors for our traditional Polyester Tablecloths! These are a must have for any staple collection. Our Mint Green has blown up in popularity, and trust us, we took your advice to stock more items with it! Our Mint Green Tablecloth can now be found in 60×120″ Rectangular Mint Green Tablecloth, 90×132″ Rectangular, 120″ Round Mint Green Tablecloth, and 132″ Round Mint Green Tablecloth to ensure consistency throughout your event!


We’ve expanded on our classic Gold by adding a 90″ Round and 108″ Round; pair this with one of our amazing textured runners, such as the Satin Rosette or Chemical Lace, to make a bold statement. And with Summer just around the corner, we now have a 90″ Round and 132″ Round option for our Lavender! These are perfect for a birthday party, get together, or to even dress up your own dining room table for a playful Summer look.


What do you think? Be sure to keep an eye on all of these items as we’re always updating our inventory! Anything that calls out to you, yet, as a must have? 


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