Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size

Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size



How to Measure Tablecloth Size (Round and Rectangular Tables)

Tablecloths provide you with a convenient way to dress up your space with ease. Table linens are considered to be a hallmark of the perfect table design as they serve as a decorative foundation for the rest of your tabletop decor. While your primary interest may be focused on selecting the right color and material to use for your table covering needs, you may first need to determine which tablecloth size you need to order for your special event. These tips will guide you into ordering the perfect tablecloth size for all of your events!


Step 1: Measure Your Table

Before you begin looking at our wide selection of tablecloths, you should first measure your table size. Typically, the standard height of a banquet table is 30 inches.
  • If you have a square or rectangular table, measure the entire length and width of the table from end to end. Write down the measurements so that you have these numbers on hand when you make your purchase.
  • If you have a round table, find the center of the table and measure the radius of the table from the center point to the edge of the table. Multiple this figure by 2 to determine the total width of the table.
  • If you plan to string multiple smaller tables together to create the illusion of longer tables, it may be helpful to draw a diagram of the table dimensions before ordering tablecloths.


Step 2: Pay Attention to the Drop Length

Your measurements will not only help you decide on the tablecloth size you need to order to successfully cover the surface of your table, but will help you determine how much it will hang off the sides of the table as well. 
  • For casual dining events, the typical tablecloth drop length ranges between 8″ to 15″ inches long from the edge of the table.
  • For formal events, it is customary to have a drop length of either 15″ or touching the floor.
Visualizing your casual or formal event while deciding will help you make a well informed decision without any regrets. For example, a banquet hall wedding reception will call for a floor-length tablecloth, but a backyard BBQ wedding will call for a half-drop. Because the drop length will hang below all edges of the table, it is necessary to multiply the desired drop length by 2 and to add it to your table measurements for both length and width.
By doing so, you will arrive at the total dimensions for a desired tablecloth!


Step 3: Dress Up Your Table

A tablecloth adds beautiful charm and style to your table, but it’s often only the starting point for decorating your space. Many people will also purchase table runners to place on top of tablecloths. Runners can look odd and out of place if they hang below the edges of the tablecloth, so keep in mind your overall tablecloth drop when purchasing. You can also add table overlay toppers and centerpieces to dress up the space instead. Your place settings and other items to complete the look of your tables can include napkins, napkin rings, silk flowers, and centerpiece lighting. Your table dimensions are also important when selecting place mats and other features to add to your tables.
Your table designs will be a hallmark or focal point of your event. They will dictate the overall ambiance in your space, and the tablecloth is the starting point of any beautiful table design!


Need Help?

We understand that sometimes this information can seem overwhelming. Our friendly and informative Customer Care Team can help! Give us a call at (512) 821-1178 or email us at to get help with sizing our tablecloths to fit your venues specifications.


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Irene Page - Jan 23, 2019

My tabletop is 60 inches and I would like to have 15 inch drop which would be 75 inches I do not see this size shown. There is a table cloth I would like to purchase but its 60 inches so my understanding the table cloth would not have a drop am I correct?

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Renu Aggarwal - Jan 23, 2019

My table is 30 inche round Table and 30&1/2 inches tall ( from floor to the top)
What size table cloth should I order. I want a floor length. ( formal table cloth)

Comment Image
Debralee - Jan 23, 2019

My table is round and 6 feet across. It has a 29 inch drop to the floor. What size tablecloth do I need to order? I do want the cloth to touch the floor

Comment Image
Debralee - Jan 23, 2019

My table is round and 6 feet across. It has a 29 inch drop to the floor. What size tablecloth do I need to order? I do want the cloth to touch the floor

Comment Image
mary kielb - Jan 23, 2019

hi, my table is 66 inches long by 40 inches wide, whats size tablecloth can i orderthank you

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Mary Lynn Rooks - Jan 23, 2019 I have a rectangular table that is 44 × 114 and would like a 15 in. hang which would make the total size 74 × 144. I would love a white cotton – polyester blend. Can you make one this size? Cost? Can I get it before Christmas?
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JUDITH BEAVER - Jan 23, 2019

what size table cloth for a 48" round table

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KAREN - Jan 23, 2019


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