Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size

Tablecloths are critical to decorating an event because they protect the table and make it aesthetically pleasing. However, you need to cover your table with the right tablecloth not to look too short or too long. Here comes the challenge of taking tablecloth measurements if you are new to this. Knowing how to measure the tables will help you shop for the right round or rectangular tablecloths, whatever your events need.

Importance of Getting the Tablecloth Size Right 

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When it comes to tablecloths, dimension, size, and shape matter. You cannot expect a square cloth to look good on a rectangular table and vice versa. 

Some event planners love going as low as possible on the tablecloth drop, with the cloth even touching the floor. They love how finished, clean, and complete the tables look with a floor-length covering. They also feel like the look is not complete whenever they see some of the table's legs, but your clients might prefer the overall look of their venue.

If the tablecloth is too long, you might have to deal with a tripping risk. The extra length will also get stained, dirty, or torn, costing you more repair or cleaning fees after the event. 

On the other hand, if the tablecloth is too short, you will ruin the neat look of the event, especially if you have a strict color theme to follow. The event photographers might spend too much time trying to retouch photos to crop the table's legs.

Do not let excessively long or extremely short tablecloths ruin the look of your tables by disrupting the flow of the event colors. Pick the proper tablecloths of the right size, shape, and color.

Taking the right table cloth sizes is crucial if you have a definite look in mind. The standard size linens are 132" rounds or 90" x 156" rectangles. These make it hard to get a low drop, which makes taking the right measurements a critical factor in shopping for tablecloths.

Taking Tablecloth Measurements for Rectangular and Square Tables

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The measurements of the tablecloths you should use for your rectangular tables may vary based on the level of formality of your events. You might need tablecloths for casual events and others for formal dinners and other special occasions.

Measure both the length and width of your table. You can do it simply by measuring from the table's center outward, then multiplying it by two. Then, measure the drop length you want, referring to how far you want the tablecloth to hang on the side of the table. If you want a floor-length one to conceal the table's legs, you might have a drop of around 30", the typical height of most dining tables.

If you have a square or rectangular table, you should have 30" of drop on both the left and right sides.

So, what size table cloth for an 8 ft table should you get? An 8'' or 96" table would have a length measuring 30" + 96" + 30" or 156" long. The largest tablecloth you can get for an 8' table would be 90" x 156".

If you want to simplify how to measure tablecloth for rectangular table or a square one, use this formula: [Drop + table diameter + drop] x [Drop + table length + drop] = tablecloth size.

If you have a 6 ft table, or 72", its length would be 30" + 72" + 30" or 132" long. You are going to need a 90" x 132" tablecloth for this one.

Taking Tablecloth Measurements for Round Tables

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You should get round tablecloths with the right measurements if your events need round tables. 

First, measure the table's diameter, which means you need to take the measurements from end to end through the center of the table. It is the longest point you can find.

Second, determine how low the drop should be. Multiply the drop by two and add it to the measurement you got for the diameter. You will get the tablecloth measurements your round table needs.

The formula is table diameter + 2x drop = tablecloth size needed. So if you want a 10" drop for a 48" table, you will need 48" + 10" + 10", which is 68". The longer the drop you want, the longer the tablecloth should be.

If you have a 5 ft round table and you want the typical 30" drop for floor-length coverage for most dining tables, you will need 60" + 30" + 30", which is 120". It is quite a long tablecloth, but it will cover everything and make the entire event look seamless.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes to Consider 

Most tablecloth sizes from big stores like Walmart, Target, and other giant retailers usually include the following: 

Rectangular Tablecloth Sizes 


  • 52” x 72” 
  • 90” x 132” 
  • 52” x 114”
  • 52” x 120” 
  • 90” x 156” 


Square Tablecloth Sizes


  • 52” x 52” 
  • 62” x 62” 
  • 72” x 72” 
  • 85” x 85” 


Round Tablecloth Sizes


  • 64"
  • 72"
  • 90"
  • 120"
  • 132"


tablecloth sizing chart

Inquire with your go-to events supplier about what standard sizes they usually carry for tablecloths. The more choices they offer, the better it will be for your shopping experience. It is when you will see the value of having a comprehensive source of event supplies.

Choosing Tablecloth Sizes based on the Occasion and Styling Decisions 

When you measure tablecloths, you should consider the table's size or shape and the event's formality. If your table has legs worth highlighting, you don't need a floor-length drop, so you can still showcase those legs.

If you prepare for a less formal event, you can have a drop ranging from 12" to 24" on each side. But if the event requires a more formal look, the tablecloth must reach the ground with a 30" to 36" drop.

You don't need to limit yourself to a single tablecloth. Using layers, you can play around with the look you want for the event. Choose a beautiful linen as the base, then pick a more unique or colorful overlay.

Now that you have a clearer idea of taking tablecloth measurements for your rectangular, square, and round tables, you should be more confident in shopping for the right linens. Combine this knowledge with finding a reliable supplier like CV Linens, which provides tablecloth wholesale of standard sizes and other table linens, and you'll be good to go. Shop for tablecloths and more supplies at CV Linens today!

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