Chocolate and Apple Green: A Surprising Color Palette!

Chocolate and Apple Green: A Surprising Color Palette!

Combination Palette: Apple Green and Chocolate!

Peanut butter and jelly. Macaroni and cheese. Milk and cookies. Apples and Chocolate! 

Who would have thought this pairing would be one of history’s perfect matches?

The verdict’s in: Our Chocolate with Apple Green and Ivory accent pieces make an amazing combination. Spandex Table Covers are sometimes overlooked when it comes to event decor, but we think these unsung beauties deserve their moment in the spotlight (and it means you can step away from the iron!) This simple look is great dressed up with a spray of floral or with only minimal details such as low candle holders and matching charger plates. Whether it’s wedding decor or just to add an air of sophistication to your event space, the contrast between the deep Chocolate base and the frisky pop of Apple Green is a pleasing motif to blend seamlessly into virtually any venue!


Recreate this look with:

Design tips for this look:

  • Don’t forget the Ivory Runner! The Ivory Runner is the minutia you need to make your decor pop.
  • Spandex is fabric that resists wrinkles. No need to prep these linens, just stretch the puckers away! 
  • Spandex provides a smooth, flawless surface that’s ideal for experimenting with contrasting textures.
  • Our Spandex Chair Bands can be layered, twisted and combined in a myriad of fun and elegant ways to maximize your decor potential. An event planner could style two chair bands at least twenty different ways without repeating the same design!

We are here if you need help fine tuning your design!

Don’t forget, if you’re having trouble getting your decorative dream to take flight, we are always standing by for a free consultation to help you iron out the pesky details.

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