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Meet Mayra: Q&A With One of Our Customer Care Specialists


CV Linens Customer Care Specialist Spotlight: Mayra

With such diverse and unique personalities here at CV Linens we wanted our customers to get to know us on more of a personal level!

Meet Mayra, one of the many bright young faces behind our Customer Care Specialist team. She’s an adventurous person and likes to spend her time exploring new places and trying new foods, but her all-time favorite snack is still Flaming Hot Cheetos. When she is not out adventuring with her friends you can find her at home with her family enjoying a double pepperoni pizza while watching the Twilight saga. Even though Mayra has many hobbies she loves keeping up with the latest trends and shopping is her favorite pass time. Find out her style and suggestions for selecting the perfect linens for your special event!


Q: What is your favorite trait about yourself?

A: I am a positive person and I try to make everyone laugh because it puts me and the people around me in a happier mood!

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Fashionista! I don’t have a set style because I like so many elements from different styles. I like to keep things new and to look different every day.

Q: What is your favorite event to celebrate?

A: I love weddings! I always try my hardest to catch the bouquet and they always have delicious cake, so that’s always a plus.

Q: What would the décor for your dream wedding look like?

A: I want a royal wedding in blush so with that, you can expect satin and glitz sequin to be used for almost everything! I’m still torn between the satin and the lamour satin. I like the classy shine from the satin but I also like the smooth feel and look of the matte lamour satin.

Q: What advice would you give to customers selecting linens?

A: Scheduling a consultation with our design team is a huge help! They can give you feedback on colors and textures that work well together and go over any ideas they feel would work perfectly for your event. They are full of useful advice and they know all the coolest tricks!

Q: Finally, what is your favorite part of working for CV Linens?

A: I really enjoy that I get to help people make their special day memorable. Whether you are planning a wedding or a graduation, every event is special and will create precious memories. It always makes me happy when a customer calls to tell us how they loved their event and everything came out just how they imaged.

Thanks, Mayra, the smiling face you see when shopping in our showroom.


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