Rustic Winter Tablescape with Burlap Linens & Lace

Rustic Winter Tablescape with Burlap Linens & Lace

burlap linensrustic burlap linens with lace and woodslices

Enhanced Rustic Theme Using Burlap and Lace Accents

The rustic burlap and lace look may be all the rage for weddings, but think bigger! The rustic theme with burlap linens is an amazing option for giving winter decor a woodland touch.

Who Can Pull Off The Rustic Look?

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

The toughest part of putting together this burlap linen look is attaching the table skirt, but if you’ve ever used our Velcro Table Skirt Clips, you know there’s really nothing difficult about it! Installing our brand new Three Tier Ruffled Burlap Table Skirts is no exception.

How Much Time & Money Does This Look Require?

Set Up Time: Around 25 Minutes
Cost: Approx. $140 for 6 Guests on a 60″ Round Table

After your burlap linens have been pressed (don’t forget to use a buffer sheet between the burlap and iron!) you’re all set. Because our Lace Overlays are made from spandex they’re wrinkle free and take zero prep time. Simply dress up your table with Basswood Wood Slices to give your tablescape extra rustic appeal! The final place setting details are the Champagne Polyester Napkins.


What Will I Need?

The Rustic look isn’t just for summer weddings! You can capture all of the charm of burlap linens in the wintertime as well. The real darling of this tablescape is our brand new Burlap Table Skirt with our White Lace Overlays.

Give your tablescapes the final winter touches by adding organic elements such as cinnamon sticks and winter forest greenery!


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Why Not Substitute?

Nothing compares to burlap linens’ one-of-a-kind charm, but you can easily switch out which burlap items to use if you are on a tight budget. Instead of using our burlap table skirts, opt for a Burlap Table Overlay or Burlap Table Runner atop an economical Polyester Tablecloth or Lamour Satin Tablecloth.




Burlap Linens Will Give You the Rustic Winter Look You Deserve

Have you tried burlap for a winter wedding or other celebration during the chillier months of the year? If so, I am dying to see your take on this look! Post photos of your burlap & lace decor to our Facebook wall.


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