Why You Need Velvet Table Linens for Your Special Event

There are many different materials for wedding decorations, but no material is more glamorous than velvet table linens. Elegant and incredibly soft, velvet possesses a sheen that is simply divine. This rich material brings another textural dimension that creates a perfect touch of glamour to even the most understated design touches. From tableclothsrunnersoverlays, and drapes to fabric rolls, and chair bands, velvet lends an intimate vibe that is oh-so-warm and inviting.

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Velvet's Illustrious History and Trending Popularity

Velvet is making a comeback, and there is no more perfect way to incorporate this luxurious fabric than your wedding! Velvet's decadent nature is largely credited to 16th and 17th-century European nobility and royalty. Yet its roots can be traced to the Middle East as far back as the 9th century. The en vogue glamour of velvet surged in Hollywood in the 1920s and '30s, and again in the 1970s. From here, velvet's popularity has evolved to create a mood of dreamy opulence for interior spaces, most notably, wedding receptions. Whether for bridesmaid dresses or decor accents, this lavish cloth is dominating 2020 nuptials. Brides are taking every opportunity to drape their receptions in swaths of velvet. Opulent in nature and gorgeous in jewel-tone hues, velvet is an ideal choice for both simple and grandeur table settings.

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Trending Velvet Wedding Linens

With a dual emphasis on creativity and high quality, CV Linens introduces our new line of velvet linens. Our velvet collection is specially woven and colored in a rich range of colors including black, blush, champagne, dusty blue, emerald green, and many more luxurious colors! A leader of quality wholesale linens, CV Linens carries the largest and most diverse range of colors, styles, and linen types not found with other suppliers. We understand the importance of creating a glamorous atmosphere for every event. As such, we aim to make the process as easy and affordable as possible.

Velvet Table Runners

Velvet Table Runner - Black
Velvet Table Runner - Navy Blue
Velvet Table Runner - Dusty Blue
Velvet Table Runner - Mustard Gold
Velvet Table Runner - Light Turquoise
Velvet Table Runner - Emerald Green

Table runners act like an accessory for your table. They are an elegant means of highlighting a centerpiece, create a dramatic effect, or introduce color and texture. Velvet's gentle sheen reflects soft light, emphasizing the decor theme of any table in which it is placed. These posh table runners make an excellent decorative touch for dessert tables, head tables, and rustic farm tables among others.

Velvet Tablecloths

Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Blue
Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Emerald Green
Velvet 132" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Rose/Mauve
Velvet 90"x156" Rectangular Tablecloth - White
Velvet 90"x156" Rectangular Tablecloth - Champagne
Velvet 90"x156" Rectangular Tablecloth - Peacock Teal

Velvet tablecloths demonstrate a soft drape that creates graceful folds. In cooperation with the theme of your weddings, this plush fabric brings about a fashionably dramatic appeal. Whether you let the fabric gently brush the ground or pool in luxurious folds, velvet adds elegance to any event.

Velvet Fabric Rolls

10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Peacock Teal
10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Mustard Gold
10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Wisteria
10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Burgundy
10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Blush/Rose Gold
10 yards Velvet Fabric Roll - Navy Blue

The lush texture of velvet gives you the canvas to create breathtaking ceremonies and receptions. Velvet fabric rolls are excellent for any number of DIY projects. From decor to bridesmaid dresses, velvet is a wonderful means of incorporating color and texture into your big day.

Velvet Table Overlays

Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Black
Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Champagne
Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Navy Blue
Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Blush/Rose Gold
Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Emerald Green
Velvet 85"x85" Square Tablecloth Table Overlay - Dusty Blue

A velvet overlay adds luxury to any tablescape. Soft and supple, your guest will love the soft touch of a velvet table overlay. Their sophisticated aesthetic is stunning on their own or with a coordinating tablecloth underneath for a rich and dimensional tablescape. 

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Say "I Do" to Velvet Table Linens

Paired with natural wood, the lavish pile of velvet claims a rustic sensibility for an outdoor wedding. Conversely, when matched with the opulence of crystal, acrylic, or gold accents, velvet takes on a more regal disposition. Regardless of how you style it, velvet is the epitome of classical luxury and glamour.

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