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Dusty Blue Color Schemes for Every Season

Dusty Blue Color Schemes for Every Season

The wedding scene seems to change with the seasons bringing along a few classic staples you can always rely on. Dusty blue wedding color combinations have always been a bridal favorite, however this year it is stepping out into the celebrity spotlight! 

Try out these dusty blue color schemes for your own special occasion. Known as the new neutral to love, the hues are enchantingly elegant and sweepingly romantic. The featured tones of dusk are set with the gentleness of a light breeze that is simply gorgeous any time of the year. 

Charming your special day with dusty blue holds an endless sea of possibilities! The color is truly versatile inspiring a brilliant array of combined palette options.

This leaves brides-to-be and event hosts wondering how exactly they can beautifully articulate dusty blue cues into their own theme. Draw inspiration from your dusty blue wedding theme and dress up your bridesmaid dresses and wedding invitations in this ethereal color. In this article, we will show you exactly how to transform a plain space into an extravagant affair without the high costs to your bridal budget.

Our elite lines at CV Linens are designed to inspire our brides in creating their perfect wedding! We innovate dusty blue into your style with every detail and design from our trendy napkins and charger plates to the very backdrop of the room. You can get some velvet napkins bulk order for a deeply rich and elegant touch at affordable wholesale prices. The many palettes we use are expertly paired making it easy for you to review and envision your upcoming special day!

Waved Scalloped Acrylic 13" Charger Plate - Dusty Blue & Gold
Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Dusty Blue
Spandex 4-way Stretch Drape Curtain 12ft H x 60" W - Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue Color Palette Guide

Dusty Blue Tablecloths

When planning your wedding or event, every color in your palette and the style you choose will serve as your guide from start to finish on your big day. They will influence the fine details from where to hold the event to each invitation you send.

If you’re having trouble finding the right shade, the dusty blue pantone code is 16-4010 TPX. This will give your the right shade to match your dusty blue decor. 

When working with a dusty blue palette, you will find dressing it up in a whispering airy fashion alongside stoic styles are stunning and sincere. Use the following savvy tips for dusty blue decor to get you started as the countdown begins to your special day!   

dusty blue motif

Lovely Attire

Dusty blue is the new little black dress in the world of events and weddings! The color looks great on all skin tones and can carry both shorter and longer hem lengths. Conservative styles receive a truly graceful appeal while flowy dresses appear as if they were touched by magic! Fashioning flower girl baskets, ring pillows and hair pieces within the color theme will keep a level of continuity from the very start up to the finishing touches. Complete your bridesmaids' look with some dusty blue bouquets. Matching the groomsmen with ties, vests and accessories will complete your bridal party ensemble.

Wedding Styles

Dusty blue color combinations are adaptable to any style you can dream of! Each palette can be applied to any theme. If you want a less formal tradition to pair with dusty blue color combos, try a boho chic or beach style. Minimalist, upscale or elegant affairs are perfected with the cool classic sides of your palette. Visualizing romantic atmospheres, rustic and vintage surroundings are simultaneously lush as it is dreamy! 

Reception Linens

Your tabletops are the epitome of decorative potential! Table linens of your themed color are the canvass of creativity. Here are our best dusty blue wedding table ideas for your big day.

Rosette and accordion crinkle taffeta are the tip of the icing that will become an integral aspect of your wedding look. Topping them with sheer, lace or embroidered overlays integrate the wow factor all brides hope to achieve. 

Table runners are used to add dimension to your tables with accompanying centerpieces and tableware. Try pairing your dusty blue tablecloth with some polyester table runner. Then pair it with some taffeta tablecloth for a rich and luxurious vibe and appearance. You can also opt to overlay it with some oblong tablecloths or simply keep these as options for different table shapes.

Bridal tables and guest tables are the decorative focal point of every reception. Dress them to impress in a dawning of your favorite dusty palette! 

Chair Chic

Tables and chairs go hand in hand as you celebrate your marriage. While tables tend to receive a bulk of the attention in the planning process, let’s not forget the stunning aspects of chair covers! You can be elaborate with full slip over covers and matching bands and sashes or whisper accents with a ribbon or bow. Chiavari chairs are elegant as they stand, however bringing in a touch of whimsy will be unforgettable such as our romantically enchanted curly willow Chiavari chair caps that are fitting any wedding style you choose.

Cake Tables

The wonderful cake on display at your wedding deserves a standing ovation in the world of décor! Cutting the cake is a lasting tradition that is a high profile moment. Consider elevating your cake with cake stands and greenery. The dramatic flair of lighting is a showstopper with canned lights overhead or up lighting underneath. This is your showcase table and should be set apart from guest tables! Brighten the style with glitz linens or shimmering overlays or set the mood with airy chiffon

Arches and Backdrops

Anywhere there is an opening… you have an entryway. In terms of weddings, this means wedding arches, backdrops and a starlit ceiling! Drape panels of material from sheer voile and velvet to polyester are styled to perfection across the room. You can even make custom sized drape curtain panels to get the perfect fit for your wedding arch by using fabric rolls such as chiffon and satin! They hang gracefully along arches and backdrops using wooden structures or pipe setups.

Draping tubes will allow you to glide material across the ceiling in sections or in full. Lighting added to the material or drapes will leave your guests feeling as if they have stepped out of time itself. A festive idea that is trending is the popularity of a photo booth! Using the framework of piping, drape panels will enclose the area giving way for guests to take memories are made photos. Props and fun signs will be a sure hit to add! Put finishing touches of greenery, garlands and floral accents to continue your theme throughout the day.

Dress your venue in these dusty blue decorations for a wedding night to remember.

Table Settings

Tables have more than a decorative purpose at your reception. They will host your guests for the day from start to finish. That does not mean you can’t have the best of both bridal worlds! Serve your menu in style with charming charger plates and usable decorative napkins. Accessories to your tablescape such as napkin rings and elegant dusty blue runners are lovely for a dining experience!

Guests will appreciate menu cards; name cards and thoughtful favors that are all in a dusty blue theme. Centerpieces with natural blues can be set with hydrangeas and delphiniums with hints of white or blush florals. Baby’s breath, roses and orchids are splendid with your palette. Florals arranged in elegant vases make for perfect dusty blue wedding centerpieces. Candles and holders flicker flawlessly in dimmed lighting alongside pedestal stands, candelabras and any trinkets of your choosing! 

Modern Acrylic Clear Flower Stand Table Centerpiece 23.5" Height
Accordion Crinkle Taffeta 120" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Blue
Polyester Table Runner - Dusty Blue

How to Use Dusty Blue in Every Season

In your wedding design, you will want to include all aspects of a well put together palette. Creating a color scheme can be difficult to do when comparing the variety of shades in the spectrum. Depending on the time of year for your save the date, there are certain colorful cues that are compatible…. while others are not as suitable for the season you may be in. To make it simple for brides, hosts and planners to explore the seasons, we have matched them with trendy wedding color palettes for a beautiful view of dusty blue! 

dusty blue table number

Dusty Blue Spring Wedding Palettes

After winter has melted away, the breezy notes of spring fill the air! The scents of spring showers are enlivened with glorious greens and vibrant floral blooms. The tones for the season are soft yet spoken with a gorgeous dusty blue that is reminiscent of the first starlight of an early spring night. Here’s our quick guide on what colors look good with dusty blue.

Dusty Blue & Blush

Every glamour girl knows her way around a rose gold palette! The posh tone is a classic in the bridal realm. Rose gold or blush is elementally stunning alongside the sleek hue of dusty blue. Classic whites or ivory accents are contrasted with spring style greenery that make for a genius contribution to this wedding color palette!

dusty blue tables

Dusty Blue & Peach

Pastel inspired peach hues are perfectly poised with the sheer beauty of dusty blue in spring! Deep neutrals such as taupe and nude are elegantly placed while a slight touch of champagnes or creams are accented beautifully. The layers of color offer magnificent displays for wedding cakes, reception surroundings and the charming ceremony you are celebrating.

Spring Color Palette Inspiration

5pcs Pack of Chiffon Chair Sashes/Ties - Blush
Petal Circle Taffeta Round 120" Tablecloth - Peach
Polyester Table Runner - Dusty Blue
Wedding Rosette SATIN Table Runner - Dusty Blue
Curly Willow Chair Sash - Dusty Blue
Glitz Sequin Table Overlay Topper 72"x72" Square - Blush/Rose Gold
Dusty Blue Wedding Theme

Dusty Blue Summer Wedding Palettes

If you are having your wedding or event in the sunny days of summer, you will appreciate the invigorating color palettes of the season. Dusty blue in the summer emulates the exquisite ambiance of delightful tidings. From bright skies to the hypnotic shade of a summer storm, dusty blue evokes a picturesque setting!

Dusty Blue & Purple

Summer hues are captivating with breezy dusty blues and purple! This color combination is infinitely romantic for either day and evening weddings or events. Mingling together your personal favorite accents in pink tones and a variety of blue cues aspires to be a picture perfect setting. The melody of wedding colors will present a summer dream to your theme!

dusty blue and purple theme decor
Dusty Blue & Marigold

Dusty Blue & Marigold

Bright and cheery marigold colors are expertly set with the soft elegance of dusty blue. Marigold or canary yellow is exuberant next to lighter yellows, an infusion of deep peach and pearl white accents. This fashionable palette invigorates the senses with a refreshing combination of colors that are the trendy center of summertime attention!

Summer Color Palette Inspiration

Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Lavender
Chiffon Wedding Table Runner 27"x120" - Dusty Blue
Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Canary Yellow
Satin Table Runner - Canary Yellow (Bright Yellow)
Organza 90"x90" Square Table Overlay - Purple
Glitz Ruffle Sequin Spandex Chair Band Sash - Purple
dusty blue wedding

Dusty Blue Fall Wedding Palettes

Crisp air and falling leaves create an ideal setting for a wedding or event! Fall is cozy with the beauty of nature providing an amorous backdrop. Trees hold rich and luxurious colors that inspire our hearts to embrace the dreamy dusty blue palettes of the inviting fall season.

Dusty Blue & Champagne

A cool dusty blue mixed with the light soft richness of champagne is a grand designer statement. Taking both elements of light and complexity is incredible for fall weddings and events. True ivory and the freshness of sage green will accent the palette for the celebrations of the season with a focus on your own stylish setting.

Dusty Blue & Champagne Decor
Dusty Blue and Burgundy Decor

Dusty Blue & Burgundy

Classically chic and gorgeous is the intertwined depth of a rich burgundy color paired with the mist of dusty blue! Both colors stand together with the right amount of contrast yet balanced to perfection. Blush hues will wed the palette together with luxe greeneries to complete your wedding or event.

Fall Color Palette Inspiration

Velvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Burgundy
1 Set of Soft Curly Willow Ruffles Chair Sash & Cap - Champagne
40 yds Satin Fabric Roll - Burgundy
Glitz Sequin Tablecloth Overlay Topper 54"x54" Square - Champagne
Lamour Satin Napkin 20"x20" - Burgundy
Accordion Crinkle Taffeta 132" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Blue
Lamour Satin 120" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue Winter Wedding Palettes

Enchanting your day within winter months is filled with splendor. The sparkle of white icy surroundings coupled with the clean brisk air is pure poetry! Dusty blue in the cooler season holds a classy sophistication that refines a dreamy side of wedding color palettes at the same time.

Dusty Blue & Navy Blue

Capture the wintry atmosphere of winter with your own special two toned something blue for the theme of your wedding! Classy navy blue shares the spotlight with the enchantments of a dusty blue. Together they are a trendy yet traditional duet. Graceful and romantic grays and silvers tie the blues together flawlessly for an unforgettable wedding design.

90"x132" Rectangular Oblong Polyester Tablecloth - Navy Blue
Lotus Scalloped Acrylic 13" Charger Plate - White Gold-Trimmed

Dusty Blue & White

Dazzling winter whites with the smoky sheerness of dusty blue is exactly what fairy tales are made of! The allure of this particular wedding scheme has all of the components of winter. Grandeur sage green details will blend magnificently with the dreaminess of the luxurious blue hues to put the finishing touches on your winter gala.

Fall Color Palette Inspiratio

Velvet 90"x132" Rectangular Tablecloth - Navy Blue
Chiffon Tulle Table Skirt Extra Long 57" x 17ft - White
Accordion Crinkle Taffeta 132" Round Tablecloth - Dusty Blue
5pcs Pack of Chiffon Chair Sashes/Ties - Dusty Blue
Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Table Runner - White
Polyester 120" Round Tablecloth - Navy Blue
fall color tablecloth

More Dusty Blue to Inspire You

If you are looking for a trendy palette that will shine in every season, dusty blue and dusty rose are a stylish solution! Both tones complement one another with splendid levels of color and depth. It will allow you to harmonize traditional accents in blush, soft whites and eye-catching greenery. The look is designed to trend year round for any occasion you have in mind!

The color combinations for dusty blue are more than a trend! The versatility of this gorgeous color is an inspiration for wedding and event designers alike. The color palettes are styled for any celebration you are hosting! Bridal showers, anniversary parties, birthdays and weddings celebrations and receptions are all great options for a dusty blue color palette. Whether your celebration is set outside or planned indoors, dusty blue color combinations will elevate their surroundings with a touch of class and a stunning style. 

Can't get Enough Dusty Blue Color Palettes?

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