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Kid’s Party Decor: Fuchsia and Apple Green

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Don’t Let a Bright Color Palette Intimidate You

The idea of kid’s party decor in apple green and fuchsia may seem like a garish undertaking, but with the right balance this bold color palette can make the day one to remember! The key to an all bold color scheme is to focus on one color for the main linens and then hone in on your secondary and third colors for the accents.


Who Can Pull Off This Kid’s Party Decor?

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆
Set Up Time: 25 minutes

Anyone can pull off this look! The combination of overlays and spandex chair covers makes throwing these linens on your table and chairs extremely easy. If you haven’t set up a tablescape before, check out our walk through on YouTube!


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What Goes With This Look?

Fuchsia and apple green kid’s party decor can work for multiple events! What goes with your look will ultimately be determined by what type of event you’re throwing; from birthday parties to baby showers, there’s no shortage of mainstream tv show characters, brands, and cartoons to include if you don’t want just the color palette on its own. The key will be ensuring your accents stick with the gold, fuchsia, and apple green theme. To play it safe you can always choose a simple theme, such as fairy princess, and spray paint gold fairy wands and carriages for your centerpieces. We also suggest making any specialty tables you have stand out – in this case, a fuchsia table skirt would bring the perfect pop of additional texture.


Do You Like Bright and Bold for a Kid’s Party?

We hope you enjoyed our vivid kid’s party decor! What color combinations have you used in the past when throwing an event for a little loved one? Share your photos on our Facebook wall!

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