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Perfect Ideas For A Sweetheart Table Decor on a Budget

Sweetheart Table Decorations Doesn’t Have to Stress You Out

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Planning your wedding or special event doesn't have to mean overspending. Putting together the decor for a wedding can be one of the most fun and creative tasks associated with wedding planning. However, being practical and cost-effective needs to be kept in mind to pull off an elegant event without worrying too much about the extra costs. 

Wedding budgets often balloon so quickly that there is so little left over to add small touches that make a big impact, such as a sweetheart table. A sweetheart table is a two-person table where the happy couple sits during the wedding reception and dinner

This style of table is perfect for a romantic, intimate event, where the bride and groom want to spend a little one-on-one time together amidst all the chaos of the wedding. Fortunately, there are several amazing ways you can enhance your sweetheart table decor without breaking the bank!


Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or simply looking for budget-friendly ideas, you'll find inspiration and tips to make your decorations for sweetheart table and make it a memorable focal point of your celebration.

Using Wedding Linens as a Main Decor Element

red and gold table setup

One of the most immediate cost-saving effects of a sweetheart table lies in table linens. Because the table itself is so small you can make a big impact for little cost. Using luxury linen means you don’t need additional costly table decor, such as an extravagant centerpiece.

A sweetheart table tablecloth is appropriately smaller than larger banquet tablecloths, and a sweetheart table tablecloth comes in exciting and popular designs like glitz sequin, large rosette flower, petal circle, and payette sequin. These luxury tablecloths cost as little as $35 to purchase, as opposed to flower arrangements and marquee rentals that start at $50.

Apart from considering wholesale tablecloths, you might want to check out bulk linen napkins, which you can use for formal gatherings. You might also want to consider looking at linens discount sections of any supplier for great deals.

Tablecloths and wedding linens are one easy but effective way to quickly cut costs by adding elegance and a show-stopping sight by letting them speak for themselves.

glitz napkin gold

Use Photos as Decor and a Guestbook

Photos are an inexpensive but personal touch that can add tons of detail to a wedding and cost very little to incorporate. Consider using childhood photos of the bride and groom and hanging them on strings draped behind the sweetheart table. Better yet, use wedding photos from family members and other guests and put those on display around the sweetheart table, literally surrounding the happy couple in love. 

You can even invite guests to sign the photos and leave little messages to the bride and groom. This can work in lieu of a guest book, which means cutting out something else from your long shopping list!

The couple can then keep the photos and display them in their home for years to come. This can be a great sweetheart table centerpiece and one of the perfect sweetheart table decor ideas for those who are looking to save money when event planning.

red rosette tablecloth

Location, Location, Location

Finally, don’t forget to think carefully about where you place the sweetheart table in relation to the whole room. Making sure to place the table in the best position possible costs nothing extra, but can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your event space. Make sure the table takes center stage and can be seen by all guests as they take their seats. If possible, consider elevating the table on some sort of raised platform to give an even better view.

And don’t forget the lighting! We carry small, discrete spotlights so you can light up your sweetheart table to set the right mood. Soft amber or white lighting gives the romantic, intimate look many couples want. Cool lighting like purple and blue gives off a more modern atmosphere. Think about the feeling you are going for and plan your layout in turn; it costs nothing extra to rearrange tables and only a small part of your budget to add lighting!

About our Sweetheart Table Mock-Up


Set up difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ (extremely easy)

Set up time: Approximately 20 minutes

For our sweetheart table decor mock-up, we focused on using luxury linen to set the scene. With our new large rosette flower tablecloths, it’s easier than ever to get a bold, romantic look without a large price tag. With this new addition to our inventory costing under half of what competitors sell it for, there’s no denying it’s a great investment!

Compliment your tablecloth with your favorite textured linen; we chose to use glitz sequin as an accent texture, but pintuck and sequin taffeta are also solid choices. We went for a large floral arrangement centerpiece to show the potential of a lavish scene, but you can also invest in votive candles and candle holders to fill the space along with a vase to hold the bride’s bouquet.

You might also want to try decorating your chairs with some wedding chair covers or chair sashes to complement the look of your tables. Else, you can add table skirts on tables for a chic look.

Shop the Sweetheart Table Decor We Used


Want to Substitute?

Having a blush-themed wedding or sticking to a classic ivory? We carry six different styles of our large rosette flower tablecloths with more styles on the way! Shop these alternatives if a red and gold theme just isn’t for you.

Remember: Wedding Sweetheart Table Decor Doesn’t Have to Give You a Headache

Everyone wants their wedding to really shine, and we don’t want you to break your budget to make that dream wedding happen! Using some cost-saving techniques will ensure a beautiful day that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

With tips and tricks like wholesale luxury wedding linens, thoughtful photos, and prime location, you can pull together a reception space centered on a sweetheart table that really shines.

For further tips and ideas to save money when planning any kind of event, you might want to check out the CV Linens Rewards program. Apart from saving when looking for sweetheart table wedding decor, you can also earn points, rewards, and have great deals when you’re shopping for party supplies in bulk.

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