What is Glitz Sequin on Mesh Fabric?

Dazzling glittery fabric has been a party staple because it quickly adds a posh aesthetic to backdrops and tablescapes. Mesmerize your guests with shimmering decor and turn a simple gathering into a glam Hollywood-style celebration that will be sure to create picture-perfect moments! 

If you are looking for more affordable linens that will add sparkle to your event decor, meet your top go-to fabric, Glitz Sequin on mesh. Whether you are planning a birthday party or a wedding reception, add sophistication to your event with shimmering fabric, without breaking your budget!


Glitz Sequin on Mesh linen

What are Glitz Sequins on Mesh Linens?

Sequin mesh linens are made from a mesh net base fabric that has hundreds of round sequins sewn in with clear thread. The result is a lightweight fabric and more transparent than sequin on taffeta linens. The mesh backing also creates a smooth hand feeling, adds more flexibility when it comes to styling, and just the right amount of sparkle! 

It is lightweight, easy to use, and is perfect to pair with base linens such as polyester, spandex, or chiffon.  You can think of these linens as economy sequin mesh linens that are economical, reusable, and easy to clean and available in variety of styles. You can buy drapings, tablecloths, table runners, table overlays, and chair covers. For diy event decorations, you can also  purchase these products or opt to get wholesale glitz sequin on mesh fabric rolls at CV Linens. 


How do they differ from other sequin fabrics?

CV Linens offer a variety of glitz sequin linens with fabric options that suits different styling requirements and budget so you are sure to find exactly what you need. Choose from linen tablecloths, table runners, chair covers and chair bands, and  backdrop drapes made from tiny glitz sequins are sewn into taffeta, mesh, or spandex. 

Our premium glitz sequin on taffeta is thicker, opaque, and more durable. Due to the higher count of overlapping sequins needed to cover the solid backing, the price range is higher than  its glitz sequin on mesh counterpart, but if you are a more experienced event planner and designer, this will be the perfect investment.  

 However, if you are planning a party on a budget, or a personal planner who will use table linens and other linens decoration occasionally, glitz sequin on mesh is the perfect fabric for you. This fabric offers the same eye-catching shimmer, but with more budget-friendly costs.  

Glitz sequin on spandex offers the same shimmer on stretchable fabric, perfect for chair sash bands and table covers. These fabrics will perfectly match your glitz sequin on mesh tablecloths because they offer the same elegance and are easy to use.

What glitz sequins on mesh products are available?

CV Linens offers an assorted selection of glitz sequin on mesh drapes or backdrop panels in popular colors like champagne, gold, silver, turquoise, and many more in 10ft and 12ft heights by 52” widths. These drapes have a more transparent look, with a lower fabric weight than glitz sequin on taffeta making them easier to use for drape designs with pleats and swags. 

Glitz sequin on mesh drapes will look perfect for double-draping designs with other white or colored base linens. Make sure to use the backdrop panel calculator to know just the right amount of draping you need to purchase depending what kind of fullness you want to capture.

Sequin Table Linens:  Tablecloths, Table Overlays, and Table Runners

If you are looking for a minimalist, yet breathtaking table decors, glitz sequin on mesh is the perfect fabric for your event. CV Linen offers glitz sequin tablecloths, table overlays, and table runners in popular neutral colors such as, black, silver, gold, rose gold, and champagne. 

Pair these table linens with gold-trimmed disposable plates and solid-colored charger plates to complete your set-up. A crystal centerpiece will also complement the dreamy lighting and the shine of the fabric, adding a dramatic feel to your set-up.  

If you want more flexibility for do-it-yourself event decor projects, you may opt to buy wholesale sequin fabric rolls to create custom tablecloths and backdrops. Because they are lightweight, with the proper ceiling draping kit they will look phenomenal as ceiling draping for an upscale event. Fabric rolls are available in black, silver, rose gold, gold, and champagne colors so you can easily coordinate with any color scheme! 

gold sequin tablecloth
sequin table linen

Which fabrics do I pair it with?

Glitz sequin on mesh fabrics go perfectly well with other products in the glitz sequin line. Glitz sequin on spandex chair covers and chair bands go perfectly well with the tablecloths. For added shine on your tablescapes, you may also opt for glitz sequin table napkins.  

 If you want a more subtle, yet sultry shimmer for your event, glitz sequin on mesh also goes well with other colored base linens such as poly premier, spandex, chiffon, and even lamour satin. Combine these key elements for your tables and chairs, as well as backdrop or floor to ceiling draping.

How do I care for glitz sequin on mesh fabric?

Glitz sequin on mesh linens have a delicate look and feel, but they are just as durable, trustworthy and easy to care for. There are no special laundering requirements but dry cleaning will provide the best results. To clean at home you can sparingly spot clean as needed with cold water, then hang to dry and store for your next events.  

For more glitz sequin event decor inspo, check our Instagram and Pinterest page. 

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