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When it comes to wedding decorations, finding glitter alternatives to the typical glitz sequin fabric can add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to your special day. In this article, we'll explore some popular alternatives, how to achieve a glamorous look without sequins, and affordable DIY options to spruce up your tablecloth game.

1. Tablecloth Alternatives

Move beyond the usual glitz sequin tablecloths and consider options like Paisley Sequin Fabric Rolls, offering a distinctive sparkle in silver and gold sequin table runners.

2. Achieving Style without Sequins

Transform a plain tablecloth into a stylish centerpiece by adding a sheer overlay, like a Paisley Sequin Table Overlay, providing an unexpected shine without the need for full glitz sequins.

DIY enthusiasts can opt for Paisley Sequin Fabric Rolls to create a unique paisley tablecloth with a moderate level of difficulty.

3. Styling Outfits with Sequin Alternatives

Extend the sparkle beyond the table with creative outfit choices. Consider incorporating sequin alternatives like metallic-accented accessories, shimmering shoes, or textured fabrics for an elegant yet understated look.

4. Affordability of Sequin Alternatives

Sequin alternatives, such as Paisley Sequins, offer a cost-effective way to achieve a beautiful look without breaking the bank.

Wholesale options for solid cloth tablecloths like Lamour Satin or Polyester can be budget-friendly choices.

5. DIY Options for Sequin Alternatives

Embrace the DIY spirit by creating your sequin alternatives at home. Experiment with fabric paints, glitter, or even sew-on sequins to personalize your tablecloth without the hefty price tag.

Utilize budget-friendly materials like sheer voile or inexpensive fabric rolls to craft your unique tablecloth designs.

6. Additional Tablecloth Options

Explore various tablecloth options, including linen tablecloth clearance, to find budget-friendly yet stylish choices for your event.

Consider the use of acrylic charger plates for a modern and sophisticated touch to your table setting.

7. Beyond Tablecloths

Elevate your overall decor with additional elements like a flower wall or a wedding arch backdrop to create a visually stunning atmosphere.

Crystal centerpieces can add a touch of sophistication without relying on glitz sequins.

8. Burlap Table Runners

For a rustic and charming alternative, consider burlap table runners. This textured and earthy material can add a touch of warmth to your table decor, providing a unique contrast to the glitzy sequin options. Pair them with simple and neutral-colored linens for a relaxed yet stylish ambiance.

9. Vintage Lace Overlays

Embrace a timeless and romantic feel with vintage lace overlays. These delicate, lace-adorned tablecloths can bring an air of sophistication to your event without relying on sequins. Opt for muted tones like ivory or blush to create an elegant and classic look for your tables.

10. Velvet Tablecloths

Introduce a luxurious and velvety texture to your table setting with velvet tablecloths. Available in various rich colors, velvet adds a touch of opulence without the need for sequins. This alternative provides a soft and sumptuous feel, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere at your special event.

Who Can Pull Off a Gold Paisley Tablecloth Look

Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

Transforming a basic solid tablecloth into a paisley tablecloth could not be easier! All you have to do is position a sheer Paisley Sequin Table Overlay over a plain base linen. For a full-length paisley tablecloth look, you can DIY a paisley tablecloth from a Paisley Sequin Fabric Roll! We gave this look a two-star difficulty due to the fact it does require hanging drapes for the full effect.

How Much Time & Money Does This Look Require?

Set Up Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: Approx. $114 for 6 guests on 60″ round table without drapes/$230 with drapes

When To Use This Look?

You can use paisley tablecloths for any occasion! From birthday parties to weddings, paisley tablecloths will make your special day shine. Moroccan-themed parties are on the rise for children’s and teen’s parties; if you are planning a Moroccan theme party, you will need at least one paisley tablecloth.

What Will I Need?

Because sequin paisley tablecloths are mesh you will need solid cloth tablecloths as a base linen. You can inexpensively grab a wholesale tablecloth in Lamour Satin or Polyester to help you get started. This paisley sequin gold tablecloth look is complemented with ivory napkins and gold table decor accents.

There are plenty of alternatives to full glitz sequins that are stylish, affordable, and easy to incorporate into your event decor. Whether you're looking for tablecloth options, outfit inspiration, or DIY ideas, these alternatives offer a fresh and creative approach to spruce up your special day.

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Have You Used Paisley Tablecloths for Your Special Event Decor?

The paisley tablecloth look doesn’t get enough play! We’d love to see photos of your special event or wedding tablecloth featuring our Paisley Sequin table overlays. DM us photos of your paisley tablecloths via Instagram or Facebook!

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