Thanksgiving Buffet Table Ideas

The end of November is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and what an opportunity we have to gather with friends and family. After all, it’s high time for us to show gratitude for all the blessings we received this year.

We get it, we hear you, because of the busyness of everything, you haven’t started preparing yet. Fret no more, we’ve got some Thanksgiving table ideas for you that are quick to set up, yet with the same impact to impress. 

Before we start with anything, call up your friends and family and make sure you gather them on Thanksgiving day. It would be such a shame if you did your best with your Thanksgiving table-setting idea, and forgot about the guests. The heart of Thanksgiving after all is a celebration of what we have in our lives - frankly, that would be our loved ones.

Decorating your Thanksgiving Buffet


Let’s keep it simple. It doesn’t need to be fussy. You can do some DIY. For that extra pump, you can always check out items from the best online stores there are.

Let’s start with the table. A long table is what is in our mind right now to accommodate a possibly large number of guests.

Drape it with high-quality, fancy yet affordable linen tablecloths to set the mood. Afterward, you select the best dinnerware you have kept in your cabinets for special occasions. Put some accent linens according to your color motif and voila, you’ve got all the main necessities.

You’re probably wondering next - what motif works. Well, there’s the perennial red-brown-yellow-orange scheme. You can splash some green here and there.

A great tip though - don’t be afraid to play around with shades. It will add to the variety and dynamic of your Thanksgiving table decor ideas.

Aside from your main table, you could set up cocktail tables so your guests can have that space to mingle. Don’t forget to cover them with some spandex high-top table covers. Also, some leaf decors would be great to accentuate, especially in the Fall season.

Food Ideas for Your Thanksgiving


To ramp up your Thanksgiving table idea, the main thing you have to focus on (well, aside from the dining setup) would be the food spread. It will make or break your event.

Of course, it’s Turkey season so put at the center of your spread some of that roast you prepared the night before or early in the day. Herbs like rosemary and thyme would do good for accent in the plating to show some freshness and green. Now, you’ve got the start of the night, elevate your buffet and style with Thanksgiving buffet table ideas that can make the afternoon or evening a moment to remember.

To complete your Thanksgiving food setup, don’t forget to pair the well-loved Turkey dish with some pumpkin pie or casserole for some hearty selections. Perfect for autumn, and perfect for the gastronomical experience we’re aiming for.

Add in some sprouts or broccoli for the nutrients and just the right balance of vegetables in your menu. Then cap off the buffet with some vanilla ice cream for the kids, and some cinnamon green tea for the not-so-kiddies-anymore. Best for that post-meal chat while sitting on those comfy chairs with exquisite banquet chair covers.

And we go to some decorative centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table idea. There are themes you could choose from, and the perfect centerpiece will depend on that. For example, if you choose something like “cozy farmhouse” then vintage dinnerware, wildflowers, and rustic candle holders will do the trick.

If you choose “autumn splendor,” deep orange tones, burgundy, and gold will be a great color motif along with a basket full of fruits, vegetables, and leaves. You could also opt to do that simple, minimalist look and put up some wine bottles and a golden turkey at the center. 


Top Tips for Thanksgiving Table Decor


Before you hop on your car, or your smartphone to browse and buy your Thanksgiving table decor, the ideas you have will be easier to execute and will look better if you follow these tips.

First, list down your food dishes and the corresponding plates just to get a rundown of your menu and what you need to make it work. 

Next, study for buffet flow. Make sure it’s balanced, and not too overwhelming. At the same time, it should be an enticing and engaging one so your guests would enjoy it to the fullest. 

Then, working with levels, it adds more interest to a dish or an interactive feature of the spread. Throw in a little spice, veer away from the usual linear buffet flow, and add some dynamics. 

Lastly, add some texture and variety. Play with some fabrics that aren’t too similar to draw out some contrast and make the setup pop out.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas


You’re all set. You’ve got your dream setup. The next step is to make it work out. A teeny tiny problem though, you’re on a tight budget. So before you give up, here’s how you can do it with your Thanksgiving table idea.

Skip the overdo’s. Review your planned setup and if it seems like that piece is too much, remove it from your shopping list.

DIY some of the decors. You can make use of mason jars and pick up some small flowers in the neighborhood, instead of spending on ready-made flower arrangements.

Personalize. A small effort at personalization can elevate the event itself. Try buying some fancy paper, write the names of your guests, and look at how their faces light up knowing about your thoughtfulness.

Look at your treasure trove. You have probably kept some trinkets from past celebrations. Take a look at it, explore a bit, and a bit more, and maybe you will find some golden nuggets.

Reinvent. Don’t worry if it does not work out exactly like you planned. Sometimes you’re in for some surprises - some things work out when you least expect it. You can opt for some more affordable decor, that you could pair with other items to get the same feel that you previously thought only the expensive ones could do.

Throw a Thanksgiving Party to Remember

Thanksgiving table ideas are all abound. There’s a lot you can choose from - from color palettes to centerpieces, even to the food you serve and the linens you drape with.

Whether you choose a simple, minimalist setup or you prefer to make it a celebration full of trinkets and merriment, make sure you’re working with a harmonious motif and your set budget. We hope the food gets a bigger chunk so it’s more joyous! Just remember the main thing about Thanksgiving. It’s all about your loved ones.

If there’s some more decor on your list that you don’t have yet, or you’re looking for newer options for your Thanksgiving party, check out the CV Linens Clearance page for great deals at affordable prices and big discounts. There you can find tablecloths, table runners, dinnerware, and a lot more. Have a joyful Thanksgiving in style.

Check out our YouTube and Pinterest for more Thanksgiving decor inspo!

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