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Create an Easy Fall Dessert Table for Thanksgiving

fall dessert table burlap rustic orange sunflowers and woodfall dessert table burlap rustic orange sunflowers and wood


    Thanksgiving Dessert Table Creation

    If you have the privilege of hosting Thanksgiving this year, you may already be thinking ahead to what you’re going to serve. What you may not be thinking about is the moment when guests arrive with cookies and pies and you’ve run out of space on the buffet table for all the desserts! What’s a good host to do?

    The short answer is to plan ahead now to incorporate a fall dessert table. This year, you can be prepared with a gorgeous rustic dessert buffet table to display all of the sweets to be shared. Not only will a dessert table enhance the atmosphere of your holiday set up, but it will be a huge talking point for your guests!

    How to Recreate This Look…

    Step One: Build a base using a burlap table topper and table skirt.

    Our Table Skirts Tutorial definitely save time during set up.

      1. Start with a burlap table topper in natural tan
      2. Add our three-tiered rustic burlap table skirt for an effortless yet charming look.
      3. Once you top it with a white crochet lace table runner,  you'll have the perfect beginning to your fall dessert table!

    Step Two: Create a dessert centerpiece.

    A cake is really the perfect centerpiece for a dessert buffet, so leave a nice space for it in center your table. Then, other desserts can be placed around it, along with other decor pieces. If you aren’t making a cake, order one from a local bakery or ask a guest to bring one of his or her specialties to share.

    Step Three: Elevate for visual interest.

    This is key. For your cake in step two, be sure to have a cake stand to prominently feature and elevate your cake. With the rustic Thanksgiving look, a basswood tree slice is an ideal cake stand. In addition to the rustic appearance, these can be used to elevate portions of your table which will add to the visual interest.

    Step Four: Add separate dessert plates, napkins, and flatware to table.

    Ideally for desserts, you and your guests will want fresh plates, napkins, and flatware. Use the space on your fall dessert table to place some rolled cloth napkins in festive colors such as apple red, burnt orange, canary yellow or chocolate brown. Coordinating dessert plates and flatware ensure a cohesive look.

    Step Five: Add additional decor elements and backdrop.

    Making sure to leave enough room for all the desserts that guests will be bringing, feel free to add decor elements such as pumpkins, leaves, candles and small floral arrangements. Tucking these in and around the desserts once they’ve all arrived adds a celebratory flair. If your dessert area needs a backdrop, lovely sheer voile drapes in gold and white will add a dash of understated elegance.

    Step Six: Step up and dig in!

    Another benefit to the dessert table area is that it can be staged several days ahead, if needed, just waiting to receive all of those delectable pies, cakes, cookies and more. Your rustic dessert buffet can add a lovely decor element to your Thanksgiving set-up as well as provide a landing zone for all of the desserts sure to provide a sweet end to the day.

    Shop our Fall Dessert Table Mock Up

    Even if you’re not hosting guests for Thanksgiving this year, you can borrow some of these same ideas to create decor for a fall baby shower or a rustic autumn wedding!

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