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Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing Combinations

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Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing Combinations

Designing the tablescapes for bridal showers, wedding receptions, or special events is filled with endless fashionable colors and style options. There are many key elements that will help you achieve your dream tablescape. Centerpieces, chair covers, charger plates, and napkins all serve as focal points at your tables! 

When using table overlays, all table decor elements will work together to keep the scene consistent and picture-perfect to easily transform a simple space into an elegant event. A sure way to dress up your table decor is by using table overlay toppers!

Square table overlay toppers are most commonly known to be used on round tables. However if your venue only offers rectangular tables, configuring the right table overlay on a rectangular table might seem confusing to say the least. From the size of the table, ideal tablecloth size and side drop to corner drop of overlays, you may feel like a mathematician trying to determine the right size overlay you need for your tables. 

The good news is you can put the pencils away because CV Linens is here to take the questions out of the equation so you can focus on how to style your trendy tabletops for the big day! In this article we are going to show you everything you need to know about styling a rectangular table with the perfect overlay topper! 

However, if you are looking for versatile tablecloths that are sure to fit almost every table size in the market, you can never go wrong with stretch spandex tablecloths. They also come in different sizes for both round and rectangular tables, but they fit so seamlessly, even if there is a slight size difference.

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Advantages of Table Overlays

Table runners are a great way to add a subtle touch of color to your event tables. However, when you're looking to add a big impact with different colors and textures, table overlays are the ideal option! Overlays cover the majority of the tabletop while displaying the base tablecloth creating a chic table design. Before deciding which table overlays to use and which colors to match, always start with your trusted white linen tablecloths. CV Linens offer a variety of white tablecloths fabric. Consider stocking up on these white linen tablecloths because you can always reuse them with different table overlays, making them a good investment, especially when you are a starting events stylist.  For instance, rather than using a full sequin tablecloth as the base linen, you can opt for using a base polyester tablecloth and adding a glitz sequin overlay to create an upscale layered tablescape for a fraction of cost!

Overlays come in many different sizes with the most popular sizes being 54”x54", 72”x72", 85”x85" and 90”x90". Each size serves a different purpose and looks best on certain sized tables as well as can be used to create different table styles and designs! We'll begin by going over our go-to overlay styles!

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Square Overlay Sizes and Drops

The standard overlay style is the diamond or angled design which consists of the overlay on the table with the points of the overlay hanging in the middle of both the long and short ends of the table. This style provides an elegant look while proving more coverage as the points will be elongated! However, using an oversized overlay will result in having the corners pooling on the floor. Not only will this detract from the overall look you are striving for, it also runs the risk of getting stepped on or having your guests trip over it. Which is why we will explain all the different drops for each overlay on both 6ft and 8ft tables.

54”x54" Overlays:
54 Inch Table Overlay

6ft tables: You can expect a great fit that shows off your base table covers while still spotlighting your overlay when using a 54"x54" overlay on a 6ft rectangular table. The point of the overlay will have an approximate 23” drop on the long sides of the table and approximately 2” will drop on the short ends of the table.

8FT Rectangular Table

8ft tables: Using a 54"x54" overlay on an 8ft rectangular table will make the overlay appear smaller, this overlay size will not offer an overhang on the short ends and will expose a lot of your tabletop by approximately 10” from the end of the point of the overlay to the edge of the table. However, it will offer a 23” drop on the long sides of the table.

72”x72" Overlays:
72 Inch Overlay

6ft tables: A 72"x72" overlay on a 6ft rectangular table will have a 13” drop providing a more dramatic design than a smaller overlay, the points will pool on the floor approximately 5.5” on the long sides of the table. The short ends of the table will have a 14.5" drop on each side. 

Overlay on 8FT Rectangular Table

8ft tables: 72"x72" overlays on an 8ft rectangular table will have the points pool by 5.5" on the long ends of the table while the short ends of the table have a 2.5" drop which will expose 7” of your base tablecloth from the corners of your tabletop.

85”x85" & 90”x90" Overlays:
6FT Rentagular Table

6ft tables: The diamond style elongates the corners of the overlay which doesn't make it a style possible to create with 85"x85" or 90"x90" overlays on rectangular tables due to excessive pooling. We don't recommend using these overlays for this style to prevent potential pulling and tripping disasters.

90 Inch Overlay on 8FT Rectangular Table

8ft tables: As mentioned for the 6ft tables, 85"x85" and 90"x90" overlays are the same width so using these longer overlays are not recommended for 8ft rectangular tables. These overlays are great in alternate overlay styles but not in the diamond style to avoid excess fabric pooling on the floor. 

Rectangular Table Overlays

Another overlay option for rectangular tables is to use linen rectangular tablecloths overlays! When used in the ever so popular cap style this option offers complete tabletop coverage with longer drops around the table to flaunt your overlay and base linens equally.

60x102 Overlay

6ft tables: For 6ft rectangular tables the best rectangular overlay option is a 60”x102” tablecloth. This overlay will have a drop length of 15” on all four sides of the table allowing both tablecloth and overlay colors and styles to be equally displayed.

60x126 Overlay

8ft tables: On 8ft rectangular tables, it is ideal to use a 60”x126” tablecloth. The measurements of this linen also covers the entire table top and has a 15” drop on all sides of the table.

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Rectangular Table Caps

Overlay styling and layering design options are endless and do not have to be limited to only square tablecloths. For an even easier overlay decor without the need to account for corner drop lengths, rectangular table caps are a great option. The easiest cap to use is our Spandex Table Topper Caps! These toppers caps will create a quick two tone look with the added benefit of an elastic band that secures the cap in place. Our topper caps are available for 6ft and 8ft tables in solid spandex and even glitz sequins in a variety of colors! 

You can use them over tables with no base linens but are suggested to be used over tablecloths or table skirts for a dazzling two toned effect. They are also great for using underneath table skirts as table caps are usually more economic than buying the whole tablecloth if only the top of the table will show. All and all table caps are an easy and economical way to add a pops of color and texture to your tables!

Products Mentioned

Glitz Sequin Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Navy Blue
Spandex Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Blush
Glitz Sequin Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Apple Red
Spandex Table Topper/Cap 8 FT Rectangular - Fuchsia
Glitz Sequin Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Gold
Spandex Table Topper/Cap 6 FT Rectangular - Purple
Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - Light Ivory/Off White

Table Overlay Styling Options

If you're looking for a new and stylish way to use table overlays, then look no further! The standard diamond and cap overlays styles are beautiful but very commonly used. However, we will show you a few of our favorite alternate ways to style your overlay toppers that will leave all your guests impressed!

Modified Diamond Table Overlay Style

How to Style: This style is easy to achieve and is uniquely beautiful! The modified diamond overlay style is similar to the original diamond style with a slight twist. This style creates a double diamond by overlapping the corners of two overlays to give your long edge of the table 2 graceful points. This stunning geometric design can be used to give an elegant touch to any specialty table.

Recommended Size: For the modified diamond style we recommend using two 54”x54" overlays for both 6ft and 8ft tables. 54”x54" overlays will provide a 23” drop on the long ends of the table while the overhang on the short ends can be adjusted to your preferred drop. The most common side drop will be approximately 17”. This will allow for the entire tabletop to be covered while allowing the front diamond to avoid getting distorted.

Banner Table Overlay Style

How to Style: The banner overlay style is pretty, classic, and super easy to achieve. This look is achieved by placing your square overlay topper evenly over the center of the table with the edges of your overlay parallel to the lines on your tablecloth. Based on your desired drop preference, you can easily use a 54”x54" or 72”x72" overlay. Allows us to explain the corresponding drops. 

Recommended Sizes for 54"x54" overlays: Equally display both your overlay and tablecloth using this size overlay on a 6ft rectangular table. This size combination will show 9” of the base linen on either side of the overlay while the long sides of the table will have a 12” overlay drop. This overlay size on an 8ft rectangular table will allow 21” of the tablecloth to be shown on each side of the overlay with a 12” drop on the front and back of the table.

Recommended Sizes for 72"x72" overlays: This overlay perfectly protects your base linen by covering the entire table top while the long sides of the table will have a 21” drop on a 6ft rectangular table. Using a 72”x72" overlay on an 8ft rectangular table will only show 12” of the tablecloth on each side of the overlay while still providing more coverage to the front and back of the table with a 21” drop on the long edges of the table.

Swagged Table Overlay Style

How to Style: When it comes to overlay styling, swagged overlays is definitely one of the most stylish and fashionable ways to go! They bring a subtle elegance and instant charm to any table and are perfect for specialty tables such as sweetheart tables and dessert tables. Paired with a brilliant brooch pin or blooming florals, this design is definitely a showstopper! 

Recommended Size: For the swagged overlay style we recommend using a longer overlay like the 85"x85" or 90"x90", so you have plenty of fabric to ruffle and ruche. Depending on the style you're going for you can either place the overlay directly over your table or in a diamond shape on your table. Once your overlay is on your table you will find the center point of your overlay on the front end of the table and gather your fabric all the way up securing it with a safety pin or brooch. This is an easy and simple way to add a touch of glamor to your tables! View our tablecloth swagging tutorial here

Polyester Napkin 20"x20" - White
How to Dress up Table Overlay Toppers

An important step for creating a unique table overlay design is deciding on a theme and fabric! Your tablecloths and overlays can range from a bright to subtle color scheme while incorporating solid and textured fabrics depending on your event style and theme. If you're a bride to be or event planner you can personalize your event decor with dozens of color and material combinations!

Our overlay collection offers a wide variety of textures and colors to choose from that accommodate any theme you have in mind. Here are a few ideas to ease any quinceanera, birthday or wedding planning!

Colorful Strides

Bold: Try using a stunning color combination with vibrant overlays over your base tablecloths. Fuchsia, purple, and turquoise are lively and feminine colors! Get a wow factor by placing them with opposite colors that are shades lighter or deeper for a visual depth.

Blushing: Blush, dusty rose, sage, peach and dusty blues are all the rage this year! They incorporate the softness of spring into any event in any season. Brilliantly style them with other soft spring colors or classic colors such as white, gray, ivory, or champagne. Any of these color combinations will bring the crisp and breezy feeling of spring.

Shimmering: Are you looking for a glamorous overlay that shines, and glimmers? Then sequins are the perfect addition to your décor. Iridescent and glitz finishes are gorgeous to say the least. Our sequin overlays come in different styles such as payette sequins, glitz sequins, mesh sequins, and geometric sequins. They come in a wide range of colors such as classic navy blue and black, to bold colors such as apple red, emerald green, and rainbow iridescent white!

Products Mentioned

Large Payette Sequin Table Overlay Topper 90"x90" Square - Iridescent White
Glitz Sequin Tablecloth Overlay Topper 54"x54" Square - Champagne
Pintuck 90"x90" square Table Overlay - Aqua Blue
Square 72" Satin Table Overlay - Red
Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 85"x85" Square - Dusty Blue
Glitz Sequin Tablecloth Overlay Topper 54"x54" Square - Pink

Textures and Patterns

Rustic/Country Chic: Adding a touch of country to your tabletop can be refined and elegant for rustic themed settings. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, you can have the rustic charm you've always wanted by adding burlap, faux burlap or lace overlays on your tables. They hold a classic perspective that imbues a hint of vintage with a trendy design.

Elegant Enchantment: Fairytales can come to life with your decor! Lovely overlays with a rosette pattern are posh and poised for every table in the room. If you're looking for a whimsical touch, you will fall in love with our very own leaf petal overlays or elegant embroidered vintage veil overlays. Taffeta, organza and sheer voile are also great and economical options for magical wedding tables!

Classic Traditional: Splendid by nature, classic textures are traditional and timeless. Look for polyester, lamour satin and silky satin table overlays to decoratively set your tables. The overlays can be carried in any color making them truly versatile.

Luxurious Glamor: Exquisite glamor comes in all textures and finishes from velvet, pinchwheel, and accordion crinkle taffeta table overlays. These high quality specialty linens offer a high quality and upscale feel to your event. You can't go wrong with any of these overlay topper materials!

Products Mentioned

Leaf Petal Taffeta Table Overlay Topper 90"x90" Square - Emerald Green
Rosette Satin Table Overlay Topper 85"x85" - Medium Pink
Flower on Sequin Taffeta Table Overlay 90"x90" - Silver
Mermaid Scale Sequin Table Overlay Topper 85"x85" Square - Blush/Rose Gold
Glitz Sequin Tablecloth Overlay Topper 54"x54" Square - Purple
Petal Circle Taffeta 90"x90" Square Table Overlay - Ivory
Cake Table Decor

Effortless Styling

We hope we were able to answer any daunting questions you had about using square overlays on rectangular tables. If you still have questions over your overlay sizing you can also visit our nifty size chart here. We also have a blog all about how to choose overlay sizes for round tables here

Make sure to match your overall venue styling with your table overlays. A perfect backdrop decoration to match your table styling is one that is eye- catching, yet perfectly complements your table overlay colors. These Spangle Shimmer Sequin backdrops are a simple way to add visual interest to your party, reflecting venue lighting and complementing your overall theme. 

Remember that overlays hold a treasure trove of possibilities that allow brides and event coordinators to be creative and inspirational! Using both rectangular and square overlays opens the door to a scenic setting for the big day. Your new overlays will take your dream design and turn it into a memory of a lifetime!

Are you a Visual Learner?

Watch our video tutorial on the different overlay sizing combinations for rectangular tables!

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Rectangular Table Overlay Sizing Guide

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