5 Stress Free, Easy Event Fabrics

Simple Fabrics with Easy Maintenance

I think we can all agree, ironing and steaming linens can be a chore.

We know the credo we recommend in our blog posts most of all is to always iron your linens. But let’s be honest, even if ironing doesn’t bother you, taking on an entire event’s worth of linens is enough put a damper on your day.

Naturally our customers are pleading for an alternative for the drudgery of steaming and ironing. Occasionally this desperation will lead a customer to want to try a wacky wrinkle remedy they’ve read about online. Trust me, you would not believe the lengths some people will go to avoid ironing or steaming their linens. While the internet may promise strange methods for speedy wrinkle removal, beware!

There are no shortcuts when it comes to linen preparation. You should never attempt any method for wrinkle removal besides the suggestions from our Materials & Care Guide. Unfortunately, unapproved home remedies for busting wrinkles have left some of our customers replacing their ruined linens. Ruined linens are a heartbreaking casualty to the war on wrinkles. However, there is one secret to avoiding the iron: work with fabrics that naturally resist wrinkles! 

Did you know there is a whole world of linens here at CV which require little-to-no ironing? With diligent hanging and storage, these five easy event fabrics will retain their wrinkle resisting properties. All it takes is a little flattening and fluffing then these fabrics are ready for stress-free set ups to simplify your life!

easy event fabrics fuchsia pink and gold paisley print tablecloth gold charger

Paisley Sequin

Paisley sequin is a winner if you’re looking for a glamorous take on your decor but need the convenience of an easy event fabric. The mesh backing makes it a breeze to simply shake out your paisley items and go! If an occasional wrinkle plagues your paisley, a spot-ironing over the wrinkle on the reverse side and everything will be good as new.


easy event fabrics spandex chocolate and apple green chair bands and table cover


Our Spandex Line is king when it comes to wrinkle resistance! With a selection ranging from table covers to glitz chair bands, there is something for every type of event. With proper storage and care, your set up time is absolutely instantaneous. Just stretch those wrinkles away!


easy event fabrics in turquoise and fuchsia satin rosette tablecloths and table runners on a cake table

Satin Rosette

Everyone knows satin can be wrinkle city, so the addition of satin rosette may seem like a surprise. Forget what you know about satin when it comes to satin rosette; a well cared for satin rosette takes only minimal prep work. Smooth out the creases from folding with an iron from the satin rosette’s reverse side and you’re in business!


easy event fabrics turquoise ribbon embroidery with gold and gold charger plate

Ribbon Embroidery with Sequin

Anyone can see that our ribbon embroidery with sequin is a stunner. What most customers don’t realize is it’s also a piece of cake to work with! The mesh background is easy to enough to press the wrinkles out of, but it’s the swirling, sequined spirals of our ribbon embroidery with sequin that make masking creases a cinch.


easy event fabrics lace, black lace, ivory lace, coral lamour satin, gold charger plate


In the war on wrinkles, our basic lace is an easy winner that can pair well with any base linen! Not only will lace instantly dazzle any decor, it simply refuses to wrinkle 99% of the time. Even though you are off the hook when it comes to ironing, keep in mind lace can snag easily. Take extra care and your lace looks will last!

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