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Draping Guide: How Many Drape Panels You Need For The Perfect Backdrop

Drapes have become the standard for wedding backdrops across America because more and more event designers and wedding planners are improving their knowledge on Event Draping Backdrops. Party planners know how to make use of this critical event decor item effectively to make a plain event venue turn into an evening to remember.

Take your wedding drape game to the next level with these few tips on how you can make the most of these fabrics. We’ll look into everything from styling, the math behind drape fullness, design, color coordination, mistakes to avoid, and how to make your drapes stand out without making venue decorations look too stuffed or overdone.

Drapes are lovely, easy to use, and they have the ability to make your wedding even more spectacular. Create intricate drapery designs with your imagination and a little help from these tips on everything you need to know about event draping.

White Swag Wedding Backdrop

Drape Fullness 101

More often than not, we get asked the same question by multiple interior decorators, how much drape do I need to achieve a certain degree of fullness? First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that pipe and drape backdrop panels are never pre-pleated as they are always sewn flat. For you to achieve the degree of fullness, you require you, and your team will need to put in a few hours researching and refining your skills.

When it comes to the degree of drapes, there are numerous degrees to choose from, but for the sake of time and clarity, we’ll go over some of the most commonly used levels of fullness; 0%, 50%, and 100%.

Drape Fullness 101

0% Fullness

This is the simplest way of draping; it involves leaving your drapes flat with no fullness. Also referred to as taut drapes, they require no pleating and lack the bunched-up look associated with higher degrees of draping. Although they are the purest form of draping and have stood the test of time, they are rarely used in wedding decorations except in cases where the client wants a minimalist design. More often than not, you’re going to make use of higher drape degrees.

When you need to cover a 20-foot wide area, and you have 10 foot wide drapes, you’ll need two 10 foot wide drapes of 0% fullness. You can also multiply the total area you’re trying to cover by 1 to get your value. 

0% Fullness

50% Fullness

This is a beautiful pleated look popular among wedding planners; this degree gives your drape a well-gathered appearance while allowing just enough light through. When you’re trying to cover a 20-foot wide area with 10 foot wide drapes, you’ll need three 10 foot wide drapes to cover the total area at 50% fullness. You can also multiply the entire area you’re trying to cover by 1.5 to get your value.

50% Fullness

100% Fullness

This degree of fullness provides even more gathering, and it's ideal for a lot of non-sheer, solid fabrics. When you use this degree of fullness for light, transparent fabrics, you automatically reduce the materials level of transparency. In the case that you’re trying to cover a 20-foot wide area with 10 foot wide drapes, you’ll need four 10 foot wide drapes to cover a 20-foot wide area at 100% fullness. You can also multiply the total area you’re trying to cover by 2 to get your value.

Use this drapery fullness calculator to figure out how many drapes you need for different levels of drape fullness: 1x Width= 0%, 1.5xWidth=50% and 2xWidth=100%. Where width is the size of the crossbar/area being covered.

Whether you choose to have 30%, 75%, or even 200% drape fullness, you can easily figure out just how much curtains you will need to purchase with our drape calculator.

100% Fullness

How to set Your Drapes Apart From the Competition

Backdrop drape designs that leave a lasting impression on event and wedding guests is easy and achievable. By following these few extra steps, you will be able to transform a basic drape design into something truly memorable.

Always purchase fire retardant fabric for your drapes. Fire retardant fabrics are those that have been treated with a specific chemical that makes it harder for the material to go up in flames in the event of a fire. By purchasing fire retardant fabric, you’re making sure that your drapes are as safe as possible.In addition, some event venues require the use of flame retardant drapes to comply with fire codes, regulations, and requirements.

white sheer voile

Every single wedding planner should always have white sheer voile in their arsenal of drapes; they are very dynamic and can be easily incorporated into almost every design. You can also use LED lights to project-specific colors onto white drapes. For example, if you’re decorating a wedding and your bride wants a purple themed wedding hall, you can project purple LED lights on white drapes to satisfy your client. You can even put our LED light curtain behind your sheer drapes for a dazzling light backdrop display!

To make sure that your drape designs stand out, you want to make sure that you’re making use of timeless colors that go perfectly with everything. A few of these colors include but aren’t limited to ivory, gold, black, and blush. You also have to remember that your drapes are not the stars of the show; they’re there to improve the entire design not to stand out like a sore thumb.

Common Draping Mistakes

pink backdrop drapes

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen wedding planners make easily avoidable draping mistakes; it’s with that in mind that we compiled a few of the most commonly made drape mistakes. 

1. Making use of non-Fire Retardant fabric is one of the most popular mistakes made by interior decorators. Not only are they a safety risk, but they might also cost you money when you have to decorate an event hall or space that only allows fire retardant fabrics.

2. Drapes that hang too high on too low are also a common mistake among designers. Drapes are one of the most visible aspects of your design, and they take up a considerable amount of real estate, so it’s essential to get it right.

You don’t want your drapes to hang too high from the ground; neither do you want your drapes to drag on the floor. You want them to make minimal contact with the ground; they should hover around ½ inches to ¼ inch above the ground.

3. Another mistake wedding decorators and brides tend to make is using improperly colored drapes. This can be using a color that’s different from the wedding colors or using too many colors to create your drape design. This can end up making your drapes stand out for all the wrong reasons. When you have an elegant set-up with fresh floral arrangements, crystal candelabras, and elaborate table centerpieces, opt for velvet backdrop panel drapes in solid colors.

To add depth and texture to double draping designs, use drapes in a monochromatic color scheme coordinated with different fabrics like polyester, chiffon, and satin. If your table centerpieces and ceiling lights are already shimmering with crystal pieces, stick with solid colored drapes to complement their shine. 

wedding drapes

Ideal Fabrics for Wedding Drapes

There have never been this many types of fabrics to choose from, and as a wedding decorator, you and your clients are spoiled with choice. From the simple through the bold all the way down to the outlandish, there’s a fabric for every occasion.

Glitz Sequin 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - BlackGlitz Sequin 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - WhiteGlitz Sequin 8ft H x 112" W Drape/Backdrop panel - ChampagneGlitz Sequin 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - SilverGlitz Sequin 12ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - PinkGlitz Sequin 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - Baby Blue

Glitz Sequin

If you're looking to WOW your guests with a breathtaking drape design, look no further. Our premium glitz sequin drapes are made up of thousands of glimmering sequins on a high-quality taffeta backing for a glamorous attention-grabbing backdrop design.

An alternative to these shimmering drapes is Spangle Shimmer Sequin Wall Backdrops, these are small plastic panels with square sequins that effortlessly cover empty walls and transform them into Instagram-worthy set-ups.

Poly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 8ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - IvoryPoly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - Royal BluePoly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - Navy BluePoly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 8ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - WhitePoly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - BlackPoly Premier Fire Retardant (FR) 12ft H x 60" W drape/backdrop - Red

Poly Premier

This is one of the most versatile materials available; it’s a matte opaque material that’s sure to add an extra layer of class to your wedding. Poly Premier is fire retardant and perfect for any event, whether you're planning a discreet or elaborate backdrop design

Sheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Blush/Rose GoldSheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - TurquoiseSheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 10ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - LavenderSheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 12ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - WhiteSheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 12ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - ChampagneSheer Voile Flame Retardant (FR) 8ft H x 118" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Coral

Sheer Voile

This is a very lightweight and sheer material, real voile is made from cotton, and they usually have a very organic and natural feeling. They are an excellent choice for professional decorators as well as DIY decorators.

Velvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - ChampagneVelvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Mustard GoldVelvet 10ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Emerald GreenVelvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - BurgundyVelvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Navy BlueVelvet 8ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop Curtain Panel - Black


Velvet drapes stylishly serve as a luxe setting that brings an upscale atmosphere to your special day! Its opulent soft texture brings about a whole new level of elegance to your wedding decor scheme. It's warm and soft sheen helps create intimate vibes when paired with candlelight and blooming florals. You can't go wrong by adding this drapery panel as a ceremony backdrop, or even as a fun party photo booth backdrop.

There is no limit to how creative you can get when creating your drape backdrop. We have a wide selection of drapes in sizes from 8 to 14 feet in many different fabrics such as large payette sequin, mermaid scale sequin, accordion crinkle taffeta and more! 

Every drapery design needs a stand, if you don't have one already, browse our collection of drape backdrop kits. Aside from drapes, you can even use chair sashes and fabric rolls as draping accents for intricate criss-cross designs.

Create a double layered backdrop with our valance hangers and extra crossbars! You can elevate your backdrop even further with balloon garlands, floral wall panels, and neon signs. The possibilities are endless!

 Glamorous Flower Crystal Wedding Backdrop

Drapes are iconic decor pieces and you are guaranteed to get the most use of them since they can be used in a variety of styles when decorating. Because our drapes are also durable, easy to clean, and easy to store, these fabric backdrops are a perfect investment for event stylists and party planners!

For more inspiration on the latest wedding decor trends, follow our Instagram account. You can also tune into our YouTube channel for more tips on how to decorate your reception backdrop and more!

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