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How to Use Wedding Ceiling Draping Kits

Memorable weddings are remembered for their magical, romantic, and dreamlike qualities. Sheer, gauzy billowing ceiling drapes in chiffon or sheer voile boast a dreamy ambiance that can transform a dull wedding reception venue into a storybook-perfect oasis. Ceiling event draping is the perfect way to achieve an upscale, yet intimate scene that makes for a truly memorable event.

Draping is one of the hardest-working aspects of successful event production. Wedding reception draping can serve as a dramatic presentation to emphasize your theme, guide guests in the right direction, play up a special destination, hide parts of the venue that might be less than ideal, or even offer a collection of these benefits all at once.   

Draping fabric from the ceiling is also an easy way to add color to your event space and elevate the atmosphere and overall celebratory mood. Additionally, DIY wedding ceiling draping imparts a sense of height to venues with low ceilings just as they also serve to "lower" the ceiling for venues that have ceilings that are too tall and imposing. For outdoor events, canopy draping designs are great for creating a shaded space for guests that also draws in the overall ambiance of your theme.

Ready to learn more? Take a look at these three common ceiling draping techniques:

Ceiling Drapery Styles

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Linear Ceiling Draping is the perfect ceiling decor when you are looking to achieve maximum coverage. This style of drapery hangs across the ceiling in a straight line, consisting of super-long panels that are spread wide or hung in separate sections.

swagged drape style

Swagged Drapery, or wave ceiling draping, lends a more open and breezy style. Instead of using full ceiling coverage, this ceiling drapery uses fabric hung in separated sections from one hanging point to the other.

stardust drapery

Starburst Drapery is hung by draping panels from the center of the room to each of the corners in a starburst pattern. Draped from the peak of the room, this ceiling draping idea creates a canopy-like effect that is full of awe and drama.

Ceiling Draping Kit For Weddings

In this post, we will go over the instructions for a ceiling draping kit to help create this starburst canopy effect for your event. 

Ceiling Kit Set-Up Instructions

To achieve a starburst ceiling effect, you will need ceiling drapes and the hoop ring hardware kit which will include the following parts:

24 hoop ring hardware kit


  • 1x 24" Diameter Hoop/Ring
  • 8x 35" Chains
  • 8x 24" Long Clear Acrylic Drape Tubes
  • 50x 4.5 cm Fastening Pins/Clips for Drape Tubes
  • 50x 1.5" Clear Plastic Hinged Ceiling Hooks
  • 100x 4" C Hooks


Basic Draping Kit Setup Steps:


  • To begin, it is a good idea to lay the fabric and parts on the floor. This step will make the setup much easier.



  • As you open your kit, you will find that the hoop comes pre-assembled and secured with a screw and bolt. The hoop also has holes where the chains will connect.




  • To add your drape, remove the screw and bolt featured on the hoop. This will create an open end for you to sleeve through the drape rod pockets.


screw and bolt


  • Once all the drapes have been added, close the hoop and re-secure it with the bolt and screw.


24 hoop ring hardware kit


  • Now that your fabric has been applied to the hoop, hook each chain to each of the holes in the hoop, making sure that the desired number of panels is in each section before adding the next chain.


24 hoop ring


  • Combine the ends of the chains and use a C hook to keep them together.


simple ceiling drapes


  • Next, slide the Long Clear Acrylic Drape Tubes to the bottom pocket of the drape.


Long Clear Acrylic Drape Tubes


  • Add the Fastening Pins over both sides of the pocket to keep the drape in place.


simple ceiling drapes

Installation Steps:


  • Using the hooks that are gathering the chains, hang the draped hoop to the desired anchor point in the ceiling.



  • You will need to attach C-hooks to each of the fastening clips at the end of the drape tubes.



  • The C-hooks can now be attached to the ceiling using the Clear Plastic Hinged Ceiling Hooks or Suspended Ceiling Grid Metal Hanging Hooks.


Ceiling Kit

Please note that these hooks work best with grid-type ceilings with metal borders.

Viola -- starburst ceiling draping designs are as simple as that! 

simple ceiling drapes

Ceiling Draping Safety Tips

Please keep in mind though that there are some things to keep in mind ahead of the ceiling swag application. First, when applying the hoop ring, please be aware of any HVAC ducts, pipes, and other potential obstructions. It is best to take stock of the venue as a whole to plan your swag strategy before application. While mapping out your location, remember that ceiling swags should never be installed where they could impede exit signs, fire sprinklers, or any other safety mechanism.

If you are decorating a public venue, it is recommended that you use flame-retardant ceiling wedding drapes. Play it safe and take a look at our fire-retardant ceiling and backdrop options for your event. In case it is a requirement for your reception hall or ceremony, a certificate is available upon request with your order.

For more draping tips, watch this video to get the step-by-step instructions for a full fabric DIY Backdrop Drapery tutorial:

Savvy party planners and brides know that an easy way to set up a magical atmosphere is through the use of ceiling wedding drapes. Now that you have your ceilings covered, you can also follow us on Pinterest and YouTube for tips and wedding inspiration to make the whole scene one that is truly unforgettable!

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