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8 pcs Clear Acrylic Ceiling Drape Tube with Position Fastening Pins

8 pcs Clear Acrylic Ceiling Drape Tube with Position Fastening Pins

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Drapes that decoratively dance across the ceiling at weddings are thought to be grandeur yet a difficult look to obtain. Brides who want the designer details of ceiling drapes often dismiss the idea as being too technical and are unable to hire an expensive third party. We are pleased to announce we are now offering a simple way to elegantly drape your ceiling in a number of designs. Clear ceiling drape tubes are what the pros use when setting up a wedding, reception, or event. With our full line of tubing, clips, and drapes you can now bring your own dream to life while staying completely in your bridal budget.

Our easy to use acrylic ceiling tubes require little setup time, a minimum number of pieces, and a creative touch. Typically, chiffon and sheer voile in your color scheme are ideal to use when draping a ceiling. They are lightweight and flow beautifully in any design. You may want your drapes to display a rippling or wavy effect intermittently, glide flawlessly across the ceiling in starburst sections or fully cover the space from end to end. Any look you desire can be achieved easily with exquisite results.

Our ceiling drape tubes are approximately 23” long with a 1/2 “diameter. The crystal clear acrylic rod tubes are colorless to cleverly blend amidst sheer materials and a variety of colors. They are made in durable acrylic making them lightweight and lasting versus aluminum styles you might find. Each set includes 8 ceiling tubes and 20 pins to secure your drapes and keep them in place. The pins are measured at an average of 4.5 cm for a sturdy fit.

Your new acrylic ceiling drape kit tubes are brilliant when paired with lighting, fairy lights, or sky setups adding a luxurious element to an otherwise plain ceiling. You will be excited to use them all year long at birthdays, anniversaries, quinceaneras alongside any celebratory occasion that comes your way. Our drape tubes are conveniently easy to put up as they are to take down. You will customize the space with your set(s) of ceiling drape kit tubes that will inspire the very heart of your special day.

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Tube Length: Approx. 24" 

Tube Diameter: Approx. 0.5" 

Fastening Pin Length: Approx. 4.5 cm