Colored Sheer Voile Drapes

Colored Sheer Voile Drapes Have Arrived!

drapesSheer Voile Drapes Event Purple, Pink, Gold, Silver, Royal Blue, Fuchsia, Plum

We have a surprise for you!

I’m the kind of person who has always been bursting at the seams when it comes to containing a surprise.

Really, it took me years to learn how to stop blurting out the contents out of loved one’s birthday presents.

This is why I am so relieved to finally announce we have added eight lovely new colors to our Sheer Voile Drapery!

Plum Sheer Drapes  Purple Sheer Drapes Royal Blue Sheer Drapes  Turq Sheer DrapesFuchsia Sheer DRapes  Pink Sheer Drapes Gold Sheer Drapes  White Sheer Drapes

Welcome the Freedom to Create Gorgeous, New Backdrops!

You remember our sheer voile drapes, right? They’re the see-through drapes for creating pretty, flowing backdrops.

The eight colors we have added are Purple, Silver, Plum, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Gold, Royal Blue, and Pink! Each drape is 118″ wide – if you’re familiar with our drapes you will recognize this as a wider drape panel, perfect for creating full, luscious drape set ups since sheer voile looks its best when bunched up.

Easy and Creative Sheer Voile Drapes Set Ups

I know you will have your own amazing ideas for making beauties shine, but here are few ideas to get you going!


1. Add a Subtle Touch of Color to a Glitz Backdrop

Have you ever wanted to add the tiniest tint of color to your Silver or White Glitz Drapes? Try adding a valance hanger with a colored sheer voile drape in front of your glitz drapery! With such an amazing price point, consider purchasing several shades of sheer voile for your different events as they may sell out quickly.


2. Pump Up the Sheer Voile Volume

Creating those floor-sweeping, puffy, cloud-like drape set-ups has never been easier than with these wider sheer drapes. With the wide width you don’t have to worry about adding multiple smaller drapes; adding a few extra 118″ wide colored sheer voile drape panels is a snap and saves both time and money!


3. Stripe It Up

Coordinating your decor with your backdrop is a breeze with colored sheer voile. All it takes is matching drape panels to your special event decor, then alternating the panels on your crossbar for a dramatic striped look and effortless color blocking!


What will you make first?

I am so excited about our new colored sheer voile drapes, mostly because I can’t wait to see what all of you will create!


What’s your favorite sheer voile color?

I love them all of them, but the the Plum has fall wedding written all over it.


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