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The Unique Beauty of a Crystal Cake Stand

Crystal Cake Stand with Gold and White Winter Dessert TableCrystal Cake Stand with Gold and White Winter Dessert Table


Crystal Cake Stand Beauty

Crystal accents are a huge decor trend that won’t be going out of style anytime soon! Of these distinct decor pieces, our crystal cake stand is the most popular to incorporate into weddings and events. Cake stands are a huge statement piece that many people find intriguing. They’re often the focal point of cake tables and centerpieces. Usually they’re paired with additional acrylic crystal pieces, such as centerpieces and candle holders.

What is a Crystal Cake Stand Like?

Crystal cake stands are approximately 6” tall with rows upon rows of connected crystals. Each crystal connects via a small metal hoop, so if your cake stand gets damaged during an event it’s easy to patch up. The most common stands are coated in gold or silver metal with clear acrylic crystals. Crystal cake stands are perfect to use with LED lighting underneath to add a touch of drama to your table.
We carry four sizes of cake stands so you can find the perfect dimensions you need: 14” round, 18” round, 14” square, 18” square. Each crystal cake stand is able to hold approximately 30 pounds, so they’re as versatile as they are dependable! Acrylic crystal cake stands have some advantages over true glass stands as they’re easier to mend, lighter to carry, and are easily obtainable.

How is a Crystal Cake Stand Used?

Crystal cake stands have become very popular as a wedding and event decoration. They’re often placed at dessert or cake tables and to hold centerpieces for an overall cohesive look. They’re the perfect platform to draw attention to the extra elements of your wedding while not overshadowing them. Crystal cake stands are used for a number of purposes depending on the theme and overall decor of the wedding.

Ultimately, how they’re used is personal preference of the guest of honor or event stylist working on the party. In our mock up above we placed our 14” round gold crystal cake stand front and center to show off the main dessert and create a statement. If you’re looking for beautiful yet reliable crystal cake stand to add a sophisticated touch to your next event, look no further! You can view our full selection to see which would work best for you.

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