Candelabras Table Centerpieces

Candles and their flickering lights can effortlessly make any event appear romantic, cozy, and relaxing. They serve as a source of light and as a decorative piece as well, especially if they are placed in wedding candelabras.

You can line them up on your long reception table or put a candelabra in the middle of the other tables. CV Linens carries a collection of candle holders in different colors, materials, designs, and sizes, and you can shop for them here for many good reasons

Candelabras Enhance an Event's Atmosphere

Candles bring romance, and the candle holders add elegance to the setup. The holders can put several candles in one cluster, making for a grand centerpiece. If you put them in a row on a long table, mainly decorated for the newlyweds, you can use something like the 12-arm candelabras in gold. All 48 inches of these candle holders can elevate a table's appearance. 

If you choose the right pieces, you can easily make a wedding reception look luxurious. You do not need to spend so much on decors if you have unique-looking candelabras designed with crystals, acrylics, gold or silver metals, and multiple arms. 

12 Arms Candle Holder Wedding Candelabra
12 Arms Candle Holder Wedding Candelabra2

Wedding Candelabras Bring Color 

Our wedding candelabra centerpieces here at CV Linens come in various colors. We have them in gold, rose gold, silver, black, and clear. Depending on the wedding's theme, you can pick from any of the mentioned colors. 

These complement the candles' usual white color, making them stand out more with their upgraded posh appearance. For instance, ivory candles look exceptionally good in a gold crystal candle holder

Candelabras Tie the Event Motif Together

Our collection of wedding candelabras offers customers like you plenty of choices at our shop. Pick one that brings the wedding motif together, even if you do not have perfectly uniform decorative pieces. If the couple decided to go with a vintage theme, the more classic design of our gold 12 arms candelabras would be a perfect choice. If they agree on a modern motif, we have an acrylic candle or flower holder centerpiece for you.

Candelabras Serve as Great Candle Support

Candles usually spell romance and intimacy, but they can be more visually striking if they are properly elevated and standing upright on a wedding candelabra. The candle holders are also designed to hold the candles safely with an added aesthetic factor.

For instance, our 13-inch luxe crystal candle holder decked in gold can keep candles safe while looking like a vision with its acrylic crystals adorning the top and a gem-wrapped stem. 

Candelabras are Exquisite Decorative Pieces

elegant dinner table
candle holder

A candle table centerpiece serves as a decorative piece, especially if it has an exquisite design. A great example of this would be our candelabra centerpiece with hanging crystals. It has four small arms surrounding a large bowl to hold any preferred decor. It also has acrylic crystals hanging from the center bowl and candle holders. 

If you want to make the reception tables look as elegant as the rest of the venue's decorations, CV Linens has the wedding candelabras you need. You can use them to elevate the venue's overall look, hold candles safely, introduce a splash of color, and function as decorative pieces. 

Shop at CV Linens and look through our collection of candle holders and event supplies. Order at least $99 from our shop to enjoy free shipping anywhere in the US.

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